Brie Larson As Captain Marvel? Chris Evans Likes It! Do You?

Brie Larson is fresh off of her very first Academy Award-winning role in last year’s Room. It’s not at all surprising that Marvel Studios would be keen on setting up a meeting with her to discuss taking on a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – specifically, Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is going to be Marvel Studios’ first female character to get a solo film, so it’s going to be a pretty important project for the studio.


Captain America himself, Chris Evans, loves the idea of Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel.

“I just heard about that,” the actor said during a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia. “I really hope that happens. I love Brie Larson. We did a movie together back in ’09, Scott Pilgrim vs The World.”


Ah, it was one of the best films to be released in 2010 and nobody saw it. Scott Pilgrim vs The World featured Evans as Lucas Lee – a vain, skateboarding movie star. Larson was also in the film, as Envy, an ex-girlfriend of the lead character. Evans and Larson didn’t have any scenes together in the film, but it’s easy to understand why he would be excited about Brie possibly stepping into the MCU.

“I cannot say enough about Brie Larson,” Chris Evans continued. “I think she’s phenomenal and I really hope that happens.”

There might be a whole slew of fans who aren’t too thrilled with the idea of Brie Larson in the role – only because they’ve been campaigning for Emily Blunt to play Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. Blunt’s name has been tossed around as a fan favorite for a few years now, especially after the project was officially announced and confirmed with a release date.

Brie Larson As Captain Marvel? Chris Evans Likes It! Do You? [Image via Warner Bros./Marvel]Emily Blunt figured that the reason her name kept popping up for Captain Marvel is because the list of actresses the studio may be interested in for the role is short. She name dropped other actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron possibly being on that list. Prior to Blunt’s name surfacing as a popular choice, she had never even heard of the character.

Kevin Feige himself has said that, though we don’t currently know who the lead actress will be, we should be hearing some confirmation on the director for Captain Marvel before summer is over.

“In terms of Captain Marvel, we don’t send out edicts. That being said, we are meeting with many, many immensely talented directors, the majority of whom are female. I do hope they will have announcements certainly by the summer, before the summer’s end, on a director for that.”


Ever since the reports of Brie Larson apparently being eyed for the role, the actress hasn’t come out to deny the claims. Which may at least indicate that she has met with the studio to discuss the role. It’s obvious that her Oscar-win is probably the biggest reason to get a meeting with her; after all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe now has a plethora of Oscar-nominated or winning actors and actresses within it.

Is Brie Larson right for Captain Marvel? I certainly do not doubt her acting skills and never will, but aesthetically, she seemed like a bit of an odd choice to me when her name came up. I pictured an actress somewhere in her thirties, and who is also fairly tall – 5’10” to 5’11”. Brie Larson is 26-years-old and apparently 5’7″, and I can understand the studio looking to cast her, in part, because of her age.

Captain Marvel may be a big part of Marvel’s Phase 4 and onward, so getting an actress who is young who can grow into the character is actually a smart decision. For all we know, she could be leading a new roster of the Avengers team in the future.

But what do you think? Do you want Brie Larson as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers? Whether you do or not, Captain Marvel is expected to hit theaters March 8, 2019.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]