Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant? She And Blake Shelton Engagement & Wedding Rumors Swirl

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton continue to face rumors regarding their next possible move. Although Gwen Stefani and her boyfriend haven’t confirmed any plans to move forward with their romance with either a pregnancy or a wedding, they can’t seem to shake the ongoing reports.

On June 6, the International Business Times claimed Gwen Stefani was doing her best to steer clear of the rumors and on Sunday, she attended church with her 3 sons, Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 2.

“Her appearance comes at a time when she and her boyfriend Blake Shelton are fighting pregnancy and engagement rumors,” the outlet noted.

While Gwen Stefani and Shelton may not have any firm plans to take any major steps at the moment, a recent report claimed they have spoken about their future.

“[Gwen Stefani] and Blake talk openly about their future together,” an insider revealed to Us Weekly last week, via Hollywood Life. “They say things like, ‘When we get married…’ all the time.”

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton began dating at the end of last year and went public with their relationship in November 2015 after weeks of rumors. Since then, the couple has starred alongside one another on The Voice, released a duet, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” and spent tons of time as a family with Gwen Stefani’s sons.

If and when Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton do decide to tie the knot, she will, of course, be sure the marriage is in the best interest of her boys.

“[Gwen] definitely tells her kids what’s going on and runs things by them all the time,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She wants their wellbeing accounted for, and if and when she goes through another marriage, she wants the kids to be on board. They really like Blake, but she definitely wants to make sure they’re okay, since the divorce is still very fresh for the kids.”

In addition to rumors of a future engagement and pregnancy, Gwen Stefani has also faced rumors of a pre-wedding feud. On June 5, Celebuzz spoke of an OK! Magazine report, which claimed Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were locked in a bitter battle over their prenup.

“When it comes to their future, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are all business,” a source told OK! Magazine, via Gossip Cop. Stefani is “determined to protect herself — and her $100 million fortune — no matter how smitten she may be… before Gwen agrees to marry Blake, she’s insisting on a prenup which states that ‘they’ll keep whatever they went into the marriage with, and any projects they do together will be evenly split.'”

According to the report, Gwen Stefani wanted a “cheating penalty” included in the prenup, which would require Shelton to pay her a whopping $3 million if he were ever to be unfaithful. And although Shelton was said to be “taken aback” by the request as he felt such terms could jinx their relationship, he reportedly changed his mind eventually due to his compassion for what Gwen Stefani went through with her former husband, Gavin Rossdale.

As fans will recall, Rossdale was accused of carrying out a three-year affair with nanny Mindy Man prior to his divorce from Gwen Stefani. According to Us Weekly, Gwen Stefani learned of his alleged affair from one of her employees in February 2015 but didn’t file for divorce until August of that year.

In response to OK! Magazine‘s report, Gwen Stefani’s rep to Gossip Cop the story was “B.S.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]