WWE News: Internal Disputes Over AJ Styles And John Cena Storyline, Will It Cause A Longer Rivalry?

After watching WWE RAW last night, you may have noticed that the AJ Styles/John Cena rivalry has gotten very interesting. Weirdly enough, the crowd remains split on each man. Coming into the WWE, AJ Styles and The Club were known for their work around the world. As members of the Bullet Club, they became household names in Japan. Around the world, the group began take over, it seems. To this day, the Bullet Club remains one of the hottest acts around the world. WWE wanted to get in on this and made their own with some original guys.

The story with Styles and Cena makes a lot of sense. Everyone has been wanting to see these two clash, but for years we thought we would never see it. Styles was with TNA and then NJPW, while Cena remained with the WWE. Both were top guys in their respective companies, but that kept us from seeing them clash in a ring of any kind. Finally, Styles was signed, and now the match-up will happen at WWE Money in the Bank.

Interestingly, this match was something on WWE’s must-do list, but many hoped to save it. According to Daily Wrestling News, top WWE officials wanted to make this storyline happen as soon as possible and pushed for it to occur the moment John Cena got back. Meanwhile, others felt this match could have been saved for WWE SummerSlam later this year. It is certainly worthy of such an event.

The Club WWE [Image via WWE]We now have a very good card for MITB, so no one will complain that this match is happening now. It appears that WWE could do a series of matches with John Cena and AJ Styles regardless. Many within WWE want to slow down the rivalry a bit and have been trying to convince Vince McMahon that it would be better to take it slow with them instead of trying to push it and wrap it up quicker than needed.

The ideal scenario would be to have Styles and Cena fight for a while, especially with the two of them supposedly being the top names for WWE SmackDown when the brand split occurs. One plan rumored is for WWE to have two World Titles again. Due to the fact that WWE RAW may end up getting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, SmackDown would need to have their own champion.

The current plan is to have AJ Styles and John Cena fight for the new World Title, possibly at WWE SummerSlam. Many have been under the assumption that the WWE will have Cena win his 16th World Title here, but that could change. While there were original plans to have Roman Reigns and John Cena face off for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam, the brand split sort of ruined this possible match.

John Cena RAW Return [Image via WWE]It was speculated John Cena would win his 16th World Title at the event, which made total sense. Reigns would have had a good reign with the title, unlike his first two. Cena has not held a World Title of any kind since 2014. He has been in the WWE United States Championship scene since then. It makes sense to give Cena another World Title. The plan to put him in a World Title match is still set to occur regardless, it seems.

However, there have been internal talks about AJ Styles and how good he has been since arriving in the WWE. Vince McMahon reportedly feels he can rely on Styles, which is bigger than people assume. There have been talks of putting a title on Styles before the end of the year. That means he could win the new World Title, beating John Cena. This could very well happen at SummerSlam, but the company could hold off on it until a bit later depending on how the Cena/Styles rivalry goes.

[Image via WWE]