Donald Trump Pays His Female Campaign Staffers Much Less Than Their Male Counterparts

Donald Trump’s reputation among women isn’t the greatest. He has a reputation for being sexist, The New York Times has accused him of having a history of degrading and discriminating against women. He has a couple of ex-wives, he’s been known to call women “fat” or sexualize them if they’re not. As The Daily Mail reports, a former Miss Universe blames Donald Trump for her eating disorder, claiming that he called her “Miss Piggy.”

Now, Addicting Info is reporting that not only is Donald Trump not nice to women, he underpays them compared to their male counterparts, too. In fact, according to Addicting Info, the former reality TV star not only pays his female staffers less than his male staffers, he pays them a lot less.

trump donald [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]In the United States, the average female makes about $.79 for every dollar a male makes for doing the same job. The Donald Trump campaign is reportedly not even meeting that meager standard of pay equality. Rather, women who work for the Donald Trump campaign make (on average) only $.65 for every dollar that is made by men who work for The Donald doing the same or similar jobs.

Some have argued that this comparison isn’t fair. That we have no way of knowing the specific duties of each staffer and their gender. Maybe the male Donald Trump staff is doing more? Perhaps, men on Donald Trump’s campaign team have more difficult jobs, maybe they work more hours, maybe they have more authority within the Donald Trump campaign?

Maybe Donald Trump’s male staffers are just $.35 on the dollar better that his female staffers?

Either way, and whatever the reason, such a blatant discrepancy between the pay of male and female staffers is the very definition of sexism.

According to the report, in April, Donald Trump’s male staffers earned about $6,100. The women on Donald Trump’s staff only earned about $4,500. Not cool, Donald.

Trump 1 [Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]Surprisingly, Donald Trump (at least as part of his campaign platform) has said publicly that he believes in equal pay for men and women. In contradictory statements, though, he’s said that mandating gender pay equality is “too complicated an issue” to be legislated.

After all, a lot can go into determining whether men and women are really doing the same job, according to The Donald.

According to this seemingly divergent belief system, the public is supposed to trust that Donald Trump (with his wonderful reputation among the ladies) is equitably determining precisely the effort everyone on his campaign puts into their jobs and paying them accordingly and without considering their gender. Despite the fact that the Donald Trump campaign pay gap is larger than the national gender pay gap.

Social media’s not buying it.


Some Twitter users decided to use Donald Trump’s gender pay disparity to attack Hillary Clinton.


On the contrary, Hillary Clinton is paying her staff with much more gender equality (even though they are making less than Donald Trump’s team, on average). Of her 15 highest-paid staff members in April, eight were males and seven were females. On average, Hillary Clinton’s female staff members made $3,710 while her male staff members made only about $50 more.

In addition to paying his female staff members much less than their male counterparts, Donald Trump’s campaign staff is also much less diverse than Clinton’s. According to one Washington Post report, minorities make up only about 9 percent of Donald Trump’s campaign staff. Hillary Clinton’s staff is made up of about 33 percent minority employees.

What do you think? Is this just one more example of Donald Trump’s blatant misogyny or is this just one more instance of the media treating Donald Trump “unfairly”?

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]