‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’: Could We Be Getting A Remaster?

Could Bethesda be revealing a remaster of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Rumors are spreading, and there appears to be support to back them up.

Skyrim, an action RPG that follows the story of the Dovahkiin (a title that means “Dragonborn”) and his or her quest to defeat a dragon prophesied to destroy the world, is easily one of Bethesda’s greatest games. Players are able to create their characters from multiple races, wear a wide range of cloth and armor, and make decisions that will shape the outcome of various quests.

Additionally, Skyrim offers multiple abilities and weapons to accommodate a wide range of play styles. Characters can bash their enemies into the ground with shields, summon creatures to do their bidding, morph into other-worldly beings such as a werewolf or a vampire, or cast spells that destroy foes within seconds. Whatever your preference, Skyrim makes it possible.

The source of the rumors for Skyrim originates from podcast talk that occurred a little over a week ago. IGN reports that industry insider Shinobi602 spoke of a “remaster of sorts,” the information falling in line with that of a previous discussion when he went on Super Deformed Gamescast to talk E3 predictions. After tossing multiple games into the mix on the podcast, he made a statement that gave life to the rumor of the Skyrim remaster.

“I would expect a – how should I say it – remaster of sorts for something,” Shinobi said.

To have mentioned Bethesda’s remaster to such a degree speaks consistency, and E3 will all but confirm whether or not we’ll be getting an updated Skyrim to enjoy. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, Shinobi602 isn’t the only one talking about the rumor of Bethesda’s creation coming to life.

The confirmation of Skyrim seeing a remaster also came from “Enter The Dragon Punch,” a supposed insider that has had a hand in leaks in the past. In a statement to NeoGAF, the insider stated that “it’s real.” Furthermore, it’s rumored that the Skyrim remaster will include updated mods, visuals, and all of the DLC (downloadable content) that the game holds. This would present a big question, specifically how mods would be integrated into Skyrim. PC users have already gotten their hands on such technology; from light sabers to dragons that sound like Macho Man Randy Savage, there would be plenty of content for players to toy with.

Unfortunately, no other Elder Scrolls titles other than Skyrim have surfaced. According to Games Radar, Bethesda’s Pete Hines shot the idea of a Morrowind remaster down and stated that it would take quite a bit of work. Compared to Skyrim, it just wouldn’t stack up as a whole.

“To take Morrowind and then to completely rebuild it? It was an Xbox game. To completely rebuild it, and have it be relevant for today? That’s a pretty massive team doing a massive amount of work”, Hines stated.

Still, the Skyrim rumor could potentially earn Bethesda quite a bit of revenue. The game was extremely well received, and many are still playing it to this day. The confirmation of the rumor will be set in stone by June 12 when E3 takes place, and we’ll find out if players will be able to pick up sword and staff to battle the forces that threaten the world once again. If the rumors are true, one can only hope that both console and PC will see an eventual release.

Do you think that a Skyrim remaster would be wise? Would you pay full price for the remaster if it included all of the DLC from before? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Bethesda]