WWE News: Adam Rose Reveals His New Name & His True Feelings Towards Vince McMahon

He’s wrestled under the names Ray Leppan, Dameon Duke, Z-Max, and Leo Kruger, but he’ll most notably be remembered for his WWE tenure as Adam Rose. And even then, the Rose character was short-lived, debuting in NXT in March of 2014, arriving on the main roster two months later and ending just last month. Adam Rose had been serving a 60-day suspension for a second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy when he was arrested for domestic violence. The WWE suspended him indefinitely and subsequently granted him his requested release.

Adam Rose led a string of now former or soon-to-be former WWE superstars who have spoken out against the company publicly. Ryback generated a lot of buzz for his blog on pay equality in WWE, and Cody Rhodes unabashedly fired shots at members of the WWE writing staff. Both, as presumably with Rose, were frustrated with their positions in the company and vented when they realized the writing on the wall. All three were talented in their own way, and perhaps their full potential was never realized.


So the Adam Rose performer is no longer. It’s tough to judge whether the character failed or the man portraying it, but it never resonated with the WWE fans despite a big marketing push designed to drum up interest for his main-roster debut. Neither the Exotic Express nor his Rose Bush segment won anyone over, but his out-of-the-ring violations made it easier on WWE officials to cast out Adam Rose.

The artist formerly known as Adam Rose has now changed his name to Aldo Rose, according to a report from Wrestling Inc.

His Twitter bio reads, “Ain’t no more PG in this party!” before offering up his email address indicating his booking availability.

He does recognize the star power (however small) the Adam Rose name still carries, so he includes “formerly known as WWE superstar Adam Rose” as part of that, but in a social media Q&A, he also used the hashtag #AdamRoseIsDead after his answers.

Rose was very forthcoming in his Twitter Q&A, as his outspokenness was always a trait he boasted, for better or worse. He was asked what his feelings were towards the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, with the fans pleading him not to hold back. Surprisingly, however, Rose responded by saying that McMahon was “hard-working, approachable and honest.” For all the negative things Adam had to say regarding WWE, he did not bash Vince. The same cannot be said for Triple H, however, as Rose tweeted that his spinebusters were better than The Game’s and Arn Anderson’s, and “the world knows it.”


According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Rose will continue using his party gimmick despite whispers that he’d be returning to the Leo Kruger persona, which developed a cult following from its time in NXT. Rose has vowed to freshen up the party scene, so his entourage (if he’s followed by one) will come across differently than it did with WWE.

Of the former WWE superstars who were recently released, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Zeb Colter, and Hornswoggle have all found work in their field, outside the empire that is WWE. Ryback has teased a TNA run, but he’ll be unable to sign elsewhere until his contract runs out. Rhodes has accepted bookings beginning in August, and Sandow is actually set to compete this coming Saturday against Colt Cabana on a show co-promoted by Global Force Wrestling and WrestlePro. Much like the others, Rose will be able to compete on the independent circuits beginning later this summer.

[Image via WWE]