Bernie Sanders Supporters ‘Will Be Toast’ On Election Day, Bill Clinton Gloats [Video]

Bill Clinton made or tried to make some Bernie Sanders hecklers feel the Bern yesterday while campaigning in Los Angeles.

Suggesting that his wife has a California primary victory in the bag, the former president directed some pointed comments to some vocal Bernie Sanders fans in the campaign rally crowd.

“I don’t want to pick a fight, but if I were them, I’d be screaming, too, ’cause if you figured this out, they’re toast for Election Day, so have a good time.”

According to the latest Real Clear Politics average, however, Hillary Clinton, who seeks to follow her husband into the White House, has just a 2 percent lead over Bernie Sanders. The Golden State primary takes place tomorrow.

Vermont Senator Sanders, 74, a self-described socialist running for president as a Democrat, has vowed that the upcoming nominating convention in Philadelphia will be contested.

Last month, in the midst of a speech in South Dakota, Bill Clinton seemed to discourage Sanders supporters from voting for Hillary in the general election if they were convinced that his wife was part of a corrupt political establishment.

Last week, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews claimed that the news networks are already planning to designate Hillary Clinton as the nominee even before the polls close tomorrow evening in California, however.

Ironically, many media pundits predicted a brokered convention for the Republicans rather than the Democrats, underestimating how the Trump Train would roll through the primaries and secure the GOP presidential nomination for the controversial New York real estate mogul.


Now it appears that deep divisions exist among Clinton and Sanders supporters heading into the fall general election matchup.

“At the former president’s Sunday rally, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, the few Sanders supporters were a small but vocal part of the crowd and the ‘Bernie’ shouts started up almost as soon as Clinton started talking….Clinton made his case that Hillary Clinton was the true candidate of the working class and minority voters, not her opponent,” CNN reported


Among other things, Bill Clinton accused protesters who were chanting Bernie’s name during the prez’s speech of repeating Republican talking points against the former Secretary of State and having too broad a definition of the “establishment.”

He added, “I don’t have anything bad to say about the people that are shouting against Hillary,” noting that his wife “has bent over backwards” to remain positive on the campaign trail.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper yesterday on State of The Union, Bernie Sanders slammed the Clinton Foundation for collecting cash from dictatorships around the world while Hillary Clinton was America’s top diplomat, deeming it a conflict of interest.

Clinton foes have alleged that foreign governments and multinational corporations made huge donations to the nonprofit in exchange for favorable treatment by the U.S. State Department.

In a detailed article yesterday, the Washington Post claimed that Bernie Sanders, toast or not, blew his chance to defeat Hillary Clinton outright for the presidential nomination even if he wins the California Primary.

“For all that Sanders has achieved — turning a protest movement into a viable run, gaining mainstream acceptance for his democratic socialist views, pioneering a new way to fund campaigns and pushing his adopted Democratic Party to the left on trade, Wall Street and other issues — his campaign for president is also a story of might-have-beens…According to interviews with the candidate, his advisers, allies and other Democrats, Sanders fell short because of missed opportunities, a failure to connect with key constituencies and stubborn strategy decisions. Perhaps the campaign’s biggest mistake was not realizing early on that Sanders could win. That led to a slow start, both in building the infrastructure needed to run a national campaign and in Sanders’s own presence among voters who knew little about him.”

Do you agree or disagree with Bill Clinton that Bernie Sanders supporters (and by extension, Bernie Sanders himself perhaps) will be toast on Election Day in California tomorrow after all the votes are counted?

[Photo by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]