‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 To Feature Return Of Former Star

American Horror Story producers have been notoriously quiet about what is going to happen on Season 6 of the show. They have not yet released the theme for AHS Season 6, and there have been many teaser details released, but nothing that is quite fulfilling for fans who have been waiting anxiously.

This week, another little detail about Season 6 of American Horror Story has been revealed, but not from the producers of the show. This little piece of information actually slipped out from a former cast member of American Horror Story who starred in Season 3 of the show, the Coven installment.

For those who do not remember, Season 3 of American Horror Story featured one of those bit actors who everyone knows but few remember. His name is Leslie Jordan, and he has been on so many different TV shows, movies, and various other forms of entertainment that he is hard not to notice.

Leslie Jordan is more than just the bit part he played in Season 3 of American Horror Story, though. He is actually an Emmy Award-winning actor who played a bit part on Will and Grace that won him the prestigious award. Jordan has also long been a favorite among the LGBT community, performing acts in various cities, which includes an upcoming act he is about to perform in Washington, according to the Washington Blade.

“I’m booked all summer, then on July 7, I go back to American Horror Story with Lady Gaga, isn’t that fun? I did one season on Coven,” Leslie Jordan told the Washington Blade. “They offered me another season but I got offered a reality show in London and I needed the money. Let me tell you, those reality shows pay a lot of money. So I turned down Freak Show, biggest mistake of my life. I didn’t think Mr. [Ryan] Murphy would want me again because I turned him down, but he did.”

Jordan is one of those actors who are just always fun to be around and watch. He has that kind of character that is downright funny and surprisingly candid. His sheer honesty in interviews, as well as in the characters he plays, mixed in with his southern drawl, makes his entertainment just that much more entertaining, which includes his character on American Horror Story.

When asked if he had ever met American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, he told them that he had not. He also said that it seems common for an actor not to meet show creators, which he cited when he referenced working with David E. Kelly over the years.

“When I was doing [American Horror Story] Coven, he (Ryan Murphy) was doing Normal Heart for HBO, so I never got to meet him,” Jordan said. “But he was very involved. In one scene, I said, ‘I don’t think I’m going to wear my glasses in this scene,’ and they said, ‘Well, that’s really a Ryan question.’ They had him on the phone in like two minutes and they came back and told me to start the scene with them on, then take them off to gesticulate. That’s how involved he is. Same thing with David E. Kelley. I’ve done like every show he’s ever done but I’ve never laid eyes on him either. They’re both very, very specific.”

Fans of American Horror Story can expect some big surprises to come for Season 6. There is the possibility that the show could be doing to two themes this year, splitting them up into a fall and spring season for American Horror Story.

There is also a good chance that the themes for next season of American Horror Story could involve children characters in the fall and their grown-up counterparts in the spring. But that has not been confirmed yet by AHS producers.

[Image via FX]