Adam Lind Allegedly Caught Stealing Stripper’s Wallet, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star To Be Arrested Again [Report]

Adam Lind hasn’t always been a stand-up guy. He has done some work to get his life together, but the improvements haven’t been enough for some people. Lind stars on Teen Mom 2 because he is the biological father of Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree. He hasn’t been a huge part of her life, but has made attempts here and there. Lind has caught a lot of criticism for what he has done in the past, and after vowing to be a changed man, he reportedly messed up again.

Scandals seem to follow Adam Lind around. From naked photos being shown online to drinking and driving, there have been plenty of things he has done that wouldn’t make his parents proud. According to Radar Online, Adam Lind is being accused of stealing a wallet from a stripper just a few days ago. There aren’t very many details confirmed on the case, but it appears that someone allegedly revealed he was caught on camera putting the wallet in his vehicle and then returning to the establishment to help look for the missing wallet. It has been confirmed that Lind’s name is listed in the larceny case. This could mean big trouble for him, especially since a lot is on the line with custody of Aubree and child support issues with Chelsea Houska.

There have been some issues with Adam Lind and his decision-making skills when it comes to his daughters. Some footage from Teen Mom 2 showed Lind with a friend and his two daughters at a trampoline park. While it looked rather innocent, the friend he was with was a registered sex offender. There was significant drama surrounding the incident, with fans calling for him to have his parental right removed. Chelsea Houska never spoke up about the incident, which likely means there wasn’t a lot done about it. Lind may not have known this man was a registered sex offender, though that is unlikely if they had been friends for years prior.

If Adam Lind does get arrested for this incident, it could change everything. He has been working on proving he is stable and getting his life together in order to get more visitation with Aubree. Lind purchased a house on this season of Teen Mom 2, and has been working on his fitness business. If the proof that allegedly exists does indeed show Lind as the one who took the wallet, this will just add fuel to the fire for Chelsea Houska. More convictions will show irresponsibility, and she may be able to limit his visitation with Aubree once again. All of this happened at a strip club in South Dakota, where both Houska and Lind reside.

As of now, there has been no statement issued by Adam Lind about the allegations against him. His presence on social media has been sporadic at best. Teen Mom 2 fans don’t expect much out of the dad, especially since he has yet to take responsibility for much of what he has done over the years. In fact, he recently let Aubree down regarding a father-daughter dance. Instead, Aubree went to the dance with Chelsea Houska’s soon-to-be husband, Cole DeBoer. When Houska asked her daughter what Lind said regarding missing the important event, she didn’t give a direct answer.

A new season of Teen Mom 2 is reportedly filming, and Adam Lind is going to be a part of it. He was back and forth about whether or not he planned to resign with the show, but without the income, he would be lost. Adam Lind may not be the most likable Teen Mom 2 dad, but he is definitely one of the most entertaining.

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