Diplomatic Mail Bag Discovered In Alps After 46 Years

46 years ago a plane transporting diplomatic mail from India to the United States crashed in the Alps, killing all 117 people on board the flight. Now after almost five decades the BBC is reporting that the lost diplomatic mail has been re-discovered.

A group of tourists in the Alps noticed a shiny object and alerted a mountain rescue worker, as they approached the crash site they found debris from the doomed Air India flight all over the area and among the rubble was the diplomatic mail bag.

The Mumbai-New York flight crashed in 1966 as it descended for a scheduled stop in Geneva.

The worker tells the Telegraph:

“We found pieces of the cabin, a shoe, cables—it’s a real dump up there!”

According to the worker the diplomatic mail bag was “sitting as if someone had just placed it there” 20 yards beyond a plane wheel. “We were hoping for diamonds, or at least a few gold ingots. Instead, we got some soaking wet mail and Indian newspapers.”

The worker then added:

“It’s not the sort of thing you find very often in the mountains—the mail’s going to arrive 46 years late.”

Indian officials at the embassy in Paris will soon receive the diplomatic bag after the mountain worker handed it over to police.

Officials have not yet revealed what type of documents the diplomatic mail bag contains.