Black ‘Miles-Long’ Triangle UFO Detected Moving Across The Moon: But Is It Proof Of Aliens?

A Texas UFO hunter has spotted a mysterious black triangle-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) moving across the surface of the moon. The triangular image appears to change locations between frames of the video and begs the question: Do we now have proof that aliens exist?

As the Daily Mail reported June 5, the black triangle UFO was caught on telescopic video by a UFO researcher. The videographer, identified only as Steve, discovered that not only was there a strange black triangle situated among the shadows of the moon, the triangular image did not remain in the same position as the video advanced. After forwarding his find to Tyler Glockner, the operator of the YouTube channel SecureTeam10, the UFO images were posted to the internet.

The video has garnered nearly 100,000 views to date. Glockner, who narrates the video, describes the image as a “massive miles-long triangular object moving very close to the moon’s surface.” Footage from the original video taken by Steve (who, by the way, has his own research channel) is incorporated in the video, wherein the black triangular-shaped object can be seen moving quickly — diagonally from upper left to lower right — across the moon’s surface (which is seen as a watery, rippling image). Glockner then notes that the UFO is either one “massive triangle” or a “formation of objects” that form a triangle, later noting that such formations are not uncommon with our own military jet formations on Earth. (At this point, Glockner adds that Steve is a director of a corporate jet fleet in Texas and has various flight credentials.)

Market Business News has since reported that the black triangle UFO video has prompted the reaction of many to claim that it confirms the existence of aliens. The website also offers a cautionary warning to viewers and readers to “bear in mind that UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts declare that we finally have compelling proof virtually every week – they strut and fret their hour upon the stage, and then are heard no more … that is, until the following week when a new sighting emerges.”

Market Business News goes on to list various comments reacting to the video, where many scoffed or were at least skeptical of the conclusions of both Steve and Tyler Glockner. As one commenter noted, the consensus view was that the image was most likely that of an orbiting satellite. It should be pointed out that the United States has two active lunar orbiters, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and ARTEMIS, while China also maintains a satellite, Chang’e 5T1, circling the moon.

UFO and alien hunters abound on the internet — just take a look at all the YouTube videos (like the recent “fireball” UFO captured on the International Space Station’s live feed cameras and the 13-minute clip of the weird object floating over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio). Every few hours, some true believer posts a video or a photographed image in a quest to either “prove” the existence of aliens or question humanity’s state of aloneness in the universe. Nearly all of them can be explained away as electronic or digital glitches, lens occlusions, hoaxes, natural formations, or pareidolia. Not one can be considered irrefutable “proof” of the existence of aliens — or that the image captured is indeed a UFO of some sort.

triangle ufo moving across moon [Image via Shutterstock]However, whether the UFO images are disseminated and discussed by the simply curious or the willfully delusional, it should be noted that they all have one thing in common — the hope that Earth isn’t the only planet with living organisms. And to this end — the search for alien life, and, by extension, intelligent alien life — images of UFOs and the speculation they engender will remain with us until there is a definitive answer one way or the other.

[Image via Shutterstock]