Ron Shipp: O.J. Simpson Is 300 Pounds, Looks Horrible, And Will Confess To Murders [Video]

O.J. Simpson won't always claim he is "100 percent absolutely not guilty" in the gruesome killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. As reported by the New York Daily News, Ron Shipp believes O.J. will break under the weight of his guilty conscience and confess to murdering Nicole and Ron. Shipp called Simpson a man who is being tormented by his secrets.

Back in 1995, the former cop said that he had been O.J.'s friend for nearly 30 years. Shipp recently said that the only way O.J. can get rid of the demons haunting Simpson is to admit he killed Ron and Nicole.

It was during an interview at the premiere of the ESPN series titled O.J. Simpson: Made in America that Shipp made his thoughts known in Los Angeles. According to Ron, O.J. has put on a lot of weight and doesn't look so good. Shipp believes the weight gain for O.J., who always took such pride in keeping in shape and looking good, means that Simpson is finally starting to settle down with the notion that he has the blood of two lives on his hands.

"Someone told me he is 300 pounds and he looks horrible. O.J. has always felt his appearance meant everything and now, deep down inside, he is starting to live with himself."

ron shipp says oj simpson is 300 pounds
OJ Simpson in 2013 [Photo by Julie Jacobson/AP Images Pool File]

Shipp spoke of the period when O.J. finds himself freed from a jail in Nevada where Simpson is serving out his sentences. They aren't sentences for murder -- Simpson got convicted for armed robbery. When O.J. is released in 2017, he very well could confess to murdering both Ron and Nicole -- at least those are the thoughts coming from Shipp.

The above trailer for O.J. Simpson: Made in America is a powerful one indeed, underscored by the song "Sinnerman" by Nina Simone. It is the perfect song to highlight the plight of Simpson as displayed in the docu-series. As seen in the trailer, O.J. Simpson: Made in America begins with a young O.J. tossing around a football in the backdrop of a racist America.

Thoughts about a black man only being safe in Los Angeles are juxtaposed against Rodney King getting beaten by cops. Simpson is seen marrying Nicole and rising in rank to heights that no African-American man had achieved up until that point. O.J. was on top of the world with his national commercials and fans flocking him.

Before long, however, Simpson appeared in handcuffs as the blood of his ex-wife Nicole and Ron was washed down to the streets, as seen in the video. The above song's lyrics speak of a man who tries to hide behind a rock but cannot.

Shipp believes Simpson will confess to killing Goldman and Nicole due to the "double jeopardy" law that states a person cannot be tried for the same crime twice. Nicole and Ron were discovered in Los Angeles on June 12, 1994, when their dead bodies proved their killer was one who mutilated the duo. Nicole was so badly stabbed that she was nearly decapitated.

Shipp said he hoped that O.J. would confess not only to clear his own conscience and do away with all the crazy conspiracy theories but also to clear O.J.'s own son from any suspicions.

ron shipp says oj simpson will confess to murders
Nicole Brown Simpson, left, and her friend Ron Goldman, found dead in Los Angeles on June 12, 1994. [Photo by AP Images]

"I hope one day he actually will rid us of all the doubt and all the conspiracy theories and say 'sorry I cannot go to prison, but I am sorry I did it. I do. I got a call about a conspiracy theory about Jason being the killer and I thought, man, come on Juice, just say 'my son didn't do it.'"

Shipp initially may have let his love for O.J. blind him to suspicions of Simpson's potential involvement in the murders, but not now. Ron testified during the "Trial of the Century" that O.J. told him he'd dreamed of killing Nicole.

O.J.: Made in America begins on Saturday, June 11 at 9 p.m.

[Photo by AP Images]