Brooks Ayers Admits He Is Crazy Just Weeks Before ‘Real Housewives’ Premiere

Brooks Ayers decided to leave The Real Housewives of Orange County behind last year after being exposed for lying about his medical records. Ayers kept claiming that he had cancer, but he couldn’t prove it. He claimed he didn’t want to prove it, but Ayers continued to talk about his illness. Fans started questioning his story, and when he presented some medical records, fans quickly found the records online. Brooks had been caught in a lie, and he decided to skip town. He later claimed he had moved to Florida after breaking things off with Vicki Gunvalson.

According to a new tweet, Brooks Ayers is now starting to share some feelings on Twitter, and today’s tweet was all about being crazy. While Brooks hasn’t admitted to lying about having cancer, he is now revealing that he is indeed crazy.

“Relax…We’re all crazy…It’s not a competition,” read a tweet Brooks Ayers shared, to which he added his own opinion, writing, “Exactly… #Perspective #Truth.”

Of course, many of Brooks’ former co-stars on The Real Housewives of Orange County have questioned his stories and lies many times. Ayers felt that he needed to share his side of the story, and he’s been working on a tell-all book. When he learned that James Marchese was also writing a book about exposing the fakery behind The Real Housewives of New Jersey, he wanted to help out.

According to a report from Riot Housewives, Brooks Ayers has been working on his own books, and he believes that the book will clear his name when it comes to his cancer diagnosis. Ayers believes that this new book will prove everything he’s been saying, but many Real Housewives of Orange County fans are not planning on buying his book. He claims that Bravo tried to make him seem like a southern man who was lying and manipulating Vicki Gunvalson so he could live off her successful business. Briana Culberson was very critical of her mother’s relationship, saying that he was just using Vicki.

While Gunvalson has denied knowing anything about his cancer lies, her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars have been very vocal about him possibly lying. Meghan King Edmonds and Shannon Beador have been very vocal about him lying, and Vicki hasn’t really listened to their arguments. When Gunvalson went on Watch What Happens Live to talk about the lies, Shannon felt that she wasn’t being honest about Brooks Ayers.

“I have to say, I’m so frickin’ done talking about the Vicki-Brooks cancer lie nonsense,” Shannon Beador revealed last year after watching Gunvalson’s interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, according to Bravo. “I am absolutely floored. The victim card, the I was duped speaking engagement that Vicki Gunvalson is on is completely ridiculous to me.”

Of course, Brooks Ayers decided to fake his medical records during an interview where he was trying to clear his name. Brooks had just taken some cancer records from the internet and changed the patient’s name to his own. He claimed he was getting treatment at the City of Hope hospital, but the hospital didn’t offer the services he claimed he was getting.

“There were so many lies on Watch What Happens Live, even tonight,” Shannon pointed out, adding, “These lies are so blatant, and I get so frickin’ irritated about it because I came on the show this season and talked about something that I didn’t want to talk about it, but it was my truth and my reality, and this woman fabricated something way prior to filming.”

Gunvalson had a hard time apologizing for hurting her co-stars. She claims that she didn’t know anything about Brooks Ayers’ lies, but Beador didn’t believe her.

“Vicki says ‘I’m sorry, I love Shannon,’ all this nonsense. Let me tell you, my phone has not rung once. I have received zero apology. It’s all for the cameras. It’s all for the cameras. No apologies yet. No remorse still. It’s a joke. It’s a joke when I hear her tell Andy Cohen that she feels bad with what I personally went through with her,” Beador revealed.

What do you think of Brooks Ayers calling himself crazy?

[Photo by Jeff Gentner/Getty Images for New Era]