Octavia Rogers: Phoenix Mom Accused Of Stabbing Her Three Kids To Death Gets $1 Million Bond

Octavia Rogers, a Phoenix woman who allegedly stabbed her three children to death before turning the knife on herself, has been booked into jail and given a $1 million, cash-only bond, KNXV-TV (Phoenix) is reporting.

Rogers, 29, is accused of killing her three sons — 8-year-old Jaikare Rahaman, 5-year-old Jeremiah Adams, and 2-month-old Avery Robinson — at her Phoenix home on June 2. The bodies of the two older boys were found in a closet, dead of multiple stab wounds. Avery’s body was also found in the same closet, in a suitcase. He, too, had been stabbed multiple times. Rogers herself was found in a bathtub — she had stabbed herself multiple times in the abdomen and neck, and had attempted to drown herself.

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An unnamed source, speaking to KNXV-TV, alleged that Rogers was on “Spice” — a synthetic marijuana — when she allegedly killed her sons. Synthetic drugs such as “Spice” and so-called “bath salts” have been known to induce psychotic effects in some users.

Rogers had moved to Phoenix to live with her brother before giving birth to Avery. According to Radar Online, Rogers’ brother told police that Octavia had been “erratic” in the weeks leading up to the alleged murders. On the night the boys’ bodies were discovered, the brother had come home only to be confronted by a psychotic Octavia, who was rambling about God and religion before locking the brother out of the house. After he broke into the house, he found Rogers in the bathtub, covered in stab wounds. The brother tried to grab towels to stop the bleeding. Octavia then tried to drown herself, according to the brother’s statements to police.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) had investigated Rogers on several occasions, although neither the agency nor its third-party private contractors appear to have properly followed through on those investigations, according to KTVK (Phoenix).

In 2011, DCS investigated Rogers for alleged child neglect after reports of an odor of marijuana coming from the home. DCS referred the matter to a third-party family support provider, but Rogers allegedly refused to cooperate. DCS Director Gregory McKay said that there was no need to pursue the matter further.

“There was no reason or legal grounds to take the children into emergency state care and the case was closed as unsubstantiated.”

Again this year, DCS was notified about Rogers, this time after receiving a report of a newborn baby exposed to marijuana. Once again, the case was referred to a third-party provider, and once again, Rogers allegedly refused to cooperate. However, according to McKay, there was no legal grounds to remove the children from their mother’s care.

Speaking to KTVK, Rogers’ sister, Voniticia Nickerson, said she was not aware of her sister being in distress or having any problems with her kids.

“She didn’t have no concerns no worries, like mom, they’re bad, or I need help or you know. She loved her kids, like, with her sou. I just wish I could, you know, be able to answer the reason why it happened.”

Now Nickerson is asking for prayers for her sister and her family.

“It’s just crazy because it’s my little sister and my nephews. Pray for the family so we can be able to get through this. We still have to bury them and that’s going to be hard I know.”

As of this writing, it is not clear when Octavia Rogers will be arraigned on her murder charges.

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