In-N-Out Burger Petitioned To Add Vegetarian Option

In-N-Out is known for its great burgers, but one Los Angeles resident wants the famous fast food chair to let vegetarians in on the fun too.

Ari Solomon has started a petition at that asks the chain to offer a vegetarian option in addition to their all-beef burgers. The petition also comes as In-N-Out faces some bad press, with a recent hidden camera investigation finding that some of the chain’s beef suppliers were abusing their animals, The Huffington Post noted.

The company cut ties with the supplier, but Solomon saw the change as an opportunity to get In-N-Out to change its menu to accommodate more diners.

Solomon said:

In-N-Out did the right thing and said they would no longer buy from this supplier, but it’s the 21st century and I think it’s high time they offer a veggie burger option for customers who don’t want to eat animals or just want a little diversity with an environmentally-friendly, healthier option once in a while.I know In-N-Out prides itself on being ahead of the other fast food outlets, so how amazing would it be if vegans and vegetarians from students to A-list celebs and everyone in between could go enjoy a burger?

The petition to In-N-Out is a big personal to Solomon as well. He told CBS Los Angeles that after becoming a vegan six years ago he misses his trips to the fast food chain famous for its “animal style” menu items.

“At the time I went vegan, I didn’t think about it,” Solomon said. “Veggie burgers have come such a long way, so I just figured, if anyone can make a fantastic, out-of-this-world veggie burger, its In-N-Out. I would love to see what their take on veggie burgers would be.”