JoJo Fletcher ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Episode 3 Brings Sexy Talk, Romantic Dates, And More Chad Drama

Episode 3 of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season starring JoJo Fletcher airs Monday night, and viewers should brace themselves for plenty of drama. The group is still in Los Angeles for the next round of dates, and fans are anxious for Bachelorette spoilers regarding this June 6 show. What can everybody expect?

According to TV Guide, Fletcher gets a one-on-one date that involves hot yoga and a private concert from country star Charles Kelley. Gossip guru Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that this one goes to Chase McNary. After the yoga, the duo apparently head to a vineyard, and this is where Kelley performs for them. Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers share that Chase does get a rose from JoJo.

The group date for Episode 3 involves a sexy chat with Jenna Brister, where Fletcher and the guys will all detail some raunchy escapades from their past. Reality Steve’s spoilers have broken this one down in quite a bit of detail, and it will be interesting to see how heavily edited this needs to be for ABC to air it.

While many of the men, and JoJo, tell jaw-dropping stories about their previous sexual escapades, Bachelorette spoilers indicate that there will be drama related to Evan Bass and Chad Johnson. Evan says that he doesn’t want to share any stories because of his kids. Instead, he seemingly tears into Chad. Johnson goes up on stage last, and he shoves Evan and tears his shirt.

As if that isn’t dramatic enough, Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Chad then throws a bit of a temper tantrum, refusing to share anything, because he thinks the premise of the group date is stupid. In addition to that, Bachelorette spoilers detail that at the after-party, Evan will end up getting the group date rose from JoJo, and this seems to irritate Chad even further.


There is another one-on-one date during this show, and Bachelorette spoilers note that James Taylor gets this one. Taylor and Fletcher go swing dance and spend some time in a vintage car at Lover’s Lane. Reality Steve’s spoilers share that James gets the rose on this date.

Fletcher and the guys will have a pool party before the rose ceremony, and Bachelorette spoilers indicate that there will be plenty of tension at this pool party. Unfortunately, it sounds as if viewers will be left hanging at this point, as the party and rose ceremony will seemingly be airing during Episode 4 coming up on Tuesday, June 7.

The Bachelorette spoilers tease that there will be quite a bit of drama at this pool party, as host Chris Harrison even shows up to confront Chad about his actions during the group date and question his behavior. Previews have also teased that there is bloodshed on the way, but naturally, it is edited to look more dramatic than it really is. Viewers will definitely not want to miss the pair of episodes airing this week.

Fans hate when the show veers off-course with ending an episode with a rose ceremony, but it looks like that is happening on both Monday and Tuesday nights this week thanks to Johnson’s antics. There will be romantic sparks flying on some of the dates and plenty of light moments, but it sounds as if this two-night bonanza will definitely be “The Chad Show.”

How long will JoJo keep Chad given all of his pouting and drama? Which suitor ends up getting Fletcher’s final rose? People are definitely buzzing about Season 12 and cannot wait to see how things play out this spring. JoJo Fletcher’s journey to find love continues on both Monday and Tuesday nights this week, with a break next week, on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season.


[Image via JoJo Fletcher’s Instagram]