Today’s fake celebrity death has Lil Wayne being shot dead

Going for a second fake celebrity death this weekend, the latest rumor to grip the internet has rapper Lil Wayne being shot dead.

The rumor, as it was last November, says words to the effect that “Dwayne Carter known by his rap alias of ‘Lil Wayne’ is the latest victim of the notorious feud between the ‘Bloods’ And ‘Crips’. Shortly after performing at the New Orleans Arena, Lil Wayne was involved in an altercation with members of rival gang the ‘Crips’, and brutally shot 6 times with a semi automatic 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun.”

Unlike some other rumors lately, there is some truth behind Lil Wayne being shot: Wayne has a history with guns, and when was 12 he accidentally shot himself in the chest with a .44-caliber.

Lil Wayne was last spotted on stage when Drake collapsed on stage Friday. There were no reports of him having fresh bullet wounds.

Lil Wayne isn’t dead and Lil Wayne hasn’t been shot lately, end of story.