Joy Williams Of The Civil Wars Settles Into Life As A New Mother

Joy Williams of The Civil Wars has a new addition to her family, and even though the circumstance may not have been perfect the singer said she “loved the experience.”

The member of the folk duo gave birth to a baby boy, Miles Alexander, while in the midst of a heat wave in Nashville, People reported. But despite the heat, Joy Williams said her labor was easy and now that Miles is nearing three months old, she has settled nicely into motherhood.

She told People:

“I did it all naturally and really loved the experience. My husband [Nate Yetton] and I had just gone to the Belcourt to see the new Wes Anderson movie, and the air conditioning was out in the theater. I was so hot! I started feeling tiny pressure waves during the film, but they abated over time.”

By 1:30 in the morning Joy Williams woke with the unmistakeable feeling that she was going into labor. The 29-year-old singer called her midwife and started a delivery process that ended up being all natural.

“I didn’t really feel the need for [an epidural]. It was pretty quick labor, so I didn’t have to endure days in and days out and that never-ending sense of, ‘When am I having this child?’” Williams said. “Regardless of how you end up delivering — medication or not — the experience is beautiful and visceral and challenging, but ultimately really empowering.”

Joy Williams said after the easy delivery, she has settled into motherhood and already introduced Miles to her family.

“His first time flying went really well! We’re in Northern California and the grandparents are meeting the little one,” Joy Williams told People. “There’s nothing sweeter than being able to introduce him to them.”

While she’s making a family at home, Joy Williams is making a name for herself with The Civil Wars. The duo has generated a good amount of buzz and is doing so not with an expensive and glitzy marketing push but a sharp focus on their music, TwentyFourBit reported.