‘The 100’ Season 4: Could Luna Return? Nadia Hilka’s Character May Not Be Gone For Good [Theory]

The 100 Season 4 will not premiere on The CW network until January 2017. Currently, Jason Rothenberg and his team are writing the next part of the story. After the season finale that shut down one villain but exposed another threat, what can fans expect? Spoilers are scarce, but actress Eliza Taylor did reveal her hopes that Nadia Hilka would return as Luna in Season 4.

Warning: There may be spoilers ahead for The 100 Season 4.

On the last episode of The 100, Clarke won the battle against Alie and made it out of the City of Light alive, thanks to Lexa showing up. Even though the battle against the artificial intelligence was won, Alie warned of another threat. The AI claimed that the power plants would create a nuclear disaster, making Earth uninhabitable in just six months.


Also seen last season was a new character named Luna. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper searched for the last remaining Nightblood. As Carter Matt mentioned, the four teenagers were hoping Luna would become the next commander. However, she refused and then was attacked by Alie’s army. Luna survived, but that was the end of her communication with Clarke’s group.

Could Luna return in Season 4 of The 100? Actress Eliza Clarke didn’t have any spoilers on this, but she hopes so.

“Personally, I would love to see her come back,” Taylor told Entertainment Weekly regarding Luna in The 100. “Nadia [Hilker] is such a beautiful, intriguing actress, and Luna is such a great character. There’s a lot more we could do with her for sure.”

If Luna were to return in Season 4 of The 100, what would be her storyline? It is doubtful it would have anything to do with the nuclear crisis. Most likely, she would either agree to become commander or reveal she isn’t the last of the Nightbloods. The Sky Crew has only explored a small portion of the world. Perhaps Luna is just the last known Nightblood. Lincoln said that Luna was in hiding for a reason. It is safe to assume that there is at least one other and maybe, that Nightblood is also in a secret location.


If Lexa were alive to choose the next commander, it would probably be someone like Luna. Just before her death in The 100, Clarke was teaching Lexa that survival doesn’t always mean revenge and war. Lexa wanted to give peace a try, but was unable to have that opportunity.

Luna is different than the other Grounders. She doesn’t like violence, but will fight if it’s necessary. As viewers saw in The 100 Season 4, Luna is more than capable of defending herself and others.

This is exactly the kind of leader that Lexa would want her clan to have. However, the Grounders may not be ready to change their ways. There is also a lot of anger toward Jaha, Bellamy, and the Sky Crew in general.

What else is known about Season 4 of The 100? As previously reported by the Inquistr, Marie Avgeropoulos said that her character will be darker. Taking some twisted turns, expect Octavia to make some interesting decisions on her journey. Last season was not kind to Octavia, especially when Lincoln was executed by Pike. Knowing her own brother was part of Pike’s agenda makes everyone untrustworthy in her eyes.

What do you think of Eliza Taylor wanting Nadia Hilker back in Season 4? Would you like to see Luna return to The 100? What would be the best storyline for the Nightblood to make the biggest impact?

The CW network has not announced a specific premiere date for Season 4 of The 100. However, it is expected to return in January 2017.

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