British Dieter Explains US Vacation Wake-Up Call: ‘If I’m Considered Fat In America, I Really Must Be’

Brits are, compared to the rest of Europe, a bit doughy by and large — but it doesn’t stop them from mocking Americans for being a country of fatties, as seen in the recent controversy over a bit of Olympics memorabilia mocking “fat” American tourists visiting the country.

The stereotype also pops up in a recent Daily Mail profile of a successful British dieter who says her wake-up call was a trip to Disney World where she was subject to the humiliation of getting stuck on an attraction and then having to be measured to see if she could fit on another ride.

According to the paper, 22-year-old Jade Torry was a size 20 (UK), and weighed 16 stone. An eagerly anticipated trip to Disney World became an unexpected and horrifying weight loss motivator, Torry said, after a few incidents at the park embarrassed her and caused her to spend some of her trip in tears.

Jade recalls the moments that inspired her to work on weight loss when she returned to her home in the UK — of her trip, she explains:

“It was my first holiday abroad and I thought it would be the holiday of a lifetime – but instead I ended up in tears feeling like a freak … As I was queuing to go on a rollercoaster I got asked to step out of line. They said I might be too big for the ride and had to be measured.”

Torry continues:

“In the end they let me on but I had to be put in a special seat for fat people. It all happened in full view of everyone – I was so embarrassed.”

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The young woman, who successfully lost several stone and dropped to nine stone, says she thought:

“Before that I was in denial about my weight, but this was a wake up call. I thought ‘If I’m considered fat in America, I really must be.'”

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Torry says she shed the weight by cutting her daily calories from 3,000 to 1,500.