Drake’s ‘4PM In Calabasas’: Here’s What It Really Means

Drake’s song, “4PM in Calabasas,” is attracting a lot of attention. While it’s a hot track, there’s more behind it.

As you know, Drake just dropped three new songs in a matter of days — all excluded in his Views album. However, of those songs, “4PM in Calabasas” is popular for various other reasons. If you listen to the track, you’ll find that a lot of delivery is a bit “familiar,” possibly from another time and artist. If you haven’t listened to the song, you can hear it in the video below.

Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion advised.

Drake – 4PM in Calabasas

If you haven’t discovered it yet, Drake’s new song is allegedly a diss track that many people think is geared toward Puff Daddy. In the past, Drake and Puffy have exchanged words in public as well. There was even one point when Puffy supposedly punched Drake in the face outside of a Miami nightclub, as reported by Daily Mail.

And now, Drake is coming back with what he does best: release music about his life. However, Drake’s lyrical delivery in “4PM in Calabasas” mimicked Puffy’s style. As you can hear in the song’s lyrics, he mentioned that “even OG’s” tried to “press” him. Of course, with all the beef that Drake has encountered from other artists, he’s definitely no stranger to the circumstances. However, to have it come from someone Drake once possibly admired? That probably strikes another type of nerve.

According to Joe Budden, Drake sounds “inspired” in “4PM In Calabasas.” Via Twitter, the rapper mentioned that — whether Drake was also addressing him or not — he hadn’t heard Drizzy come with lyrics that hard in a while.

However, along with his response to Drake’s “4PM In Calabasas” diss, Budden also mentioned that Puff Daddy needs to fire back at the Toronto rapper, not only for himself but for the culture of hip-hop.

Specifically, via his Twitter, Budden states as follows.

“Can’t let a n***a grab the classic Bad Boy loop, then sing all your hits as he disses u and not fire back lol for Hip Hop!”

But, has Puff Daddy responded in any way to Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas” song? So far, from his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Drake’s new nemesis hasn’t responded in kind. However, he has mentioned keeping “positive vibes only.”


As for Joe Budden responding to Drake’s song, he says that there will be no response.


Rather, Drake’s alleged beef with Budden doesn’t appear to matter to the “OG” rapper, as mentioned by Drizzy’s “4PM In Calabasas” song. Nevertheless, while some people believe that Puff Daddy won’t respond at all, fans are calling for it to happen via Instagram and Twitter.

However, given the recent death of Muhammad Ali, Puffy’s focus has been in that area. The business mogul has made several posts lamenting Ali’s death. Of course, Drake’s track was released before Ali died.


Other than beefing with Puffy, Drake seemingly has let bygones be bygones with Meek Mill’s situation. If you remember, recently, Drake’s “Back to Back” nemesis released another diss track that was geared toward the Toronto rapper. People were thinking Drake would respond, given how much Meek’s song appealed to the public. But, no. That didn’t happen.

Yet, it’s possible that Mill waited too late to attempt to reignite the beef after “Back to Back” for Drake to become interested in it once more. However, Drake has stepped into an entirely new arena by facing off with Bad Boy’s owner. Will it be owner against owner? OVO Sound versus Bad Boy?

What are your thoughts concerning Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas” song? Do you think Puffy “needs” to respond, as Joe Budden mentioned? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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