Cara Delevingne Bares It All In A New Anti-Poaching Campaign

At times, Cara Delevingne may seem all consumed by her work, but the model turned actress has shown time and again that there are layers upon layers to her personality, including her obsession with living life to its fullest.

Another aspect to Cara that seems to be growing to become a dominant part of her personality is Ms. Delevingne’s interest in fighting for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves. Whether she’s standing up for the bullied and downtrodden, or taking action against those endangering the planet’s animal kingdom, there’s no question that Cara Delevingne takes her activism in these causes seriously. Now, she’s giving of herself in a more literal sense, as she bares everything to stop animal poaching.

Cara Delevingne Declares ‘I’m Not A Trophy’ On Behalf Of The Animal Kingdom

This isn’t the first time Cara Delevingne has donated something of herself to further the causes of animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Last year, Ms. Delevingne was so affected by the killing of Cecil the Lion, she auctioned her her TAG Heuer watch and donated the proceeds to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. This year, she’s taking her contribution to the cause a step further and baring herself in a modeling campaign for the I’m Not a Trophy campaign.

Arno Elias launched the I’m Not a Trophy campaign to raise awareness about the “malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species,” and recruited Ms. Delevingne to be the organization’s first ambassador. Cara poses nude in a variety of positions, while images of wildlife animals, such as lions, leopards, and gorillas, are superimposed on her flesh.

The I’m Not a Trophy website features Delevingne’s images to attract fans and, once they visit the website, they can access information on the endangered species for which the organization hopes to aid. Visitors to the site can read facts about the population decline of individual species and learn more about the threats each animal faces.

Suicide Squad Star Cara Delevingne Wants To Do More Than Just Pose For Animal Rights

Posing nude for I’m Not a Trophy is merely a first step for Cara in her participation in the cause. Ms. Delevingne says protecting the planet’s wildlife is very important to her and she wants to actively participate in protecting the endangered species currently facing extinction.

“I plan on being very hands-on with the organization and will do whatever I can to help create awareness for the tragic poaching and trophy hunting that is occurring in Africa,” Delevingne says.

Cara reveals that she became involved with Arno Elias’ campaign, after friend and fellow model Suki Waterhouse shared a gallery she had done with the I’m Not a Trophy organizer. Delevingne was so impressed by the images that she asked Suki to introduce her and, before long, Ms. Delevingne was posing for the images and serving as ambassador.

“I’m extremely proud to act as inaugural ambassador for the first-ever, international I’m Not a Trophy campaign, a cause that not only benefits endangered species, but empowers women as well.”

Cara Delevingne’s passion for animal conservation and for feminism is shared by many of her fans, so there’s little doubt that her participation in the I’m Not a Trophy campaign will successfully draw younger generations to the organization.

Even as Ms. Delevingne increases her own exposure with acting in films such as the soon to be released Suicide Squad and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which has just completed filming, so too will her popularity draw attention to her most passionate causes.

There’s little doubt that Cara Delevingne’s nude poses will soon be bringing in just the kind of attention for which I’m Not a Trophy and founder Arno Elias have hoped.

[Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV]