Multiple Shootings In Cape Coral [Breaking]

Police are on the scene in Cape Coral Florida, where multiple shootings took place less than one hour ago in the south part of the city. According to a report from Fox 4, witnesses confirm that there are multiple victims involved in the shootings in Cape Coral.

As of now, one shooting is under investigation near the 2600 block of Skyline Boulevard South. Traffic southbound on Skyline being diverted around the scene. The current investigation appears to be centered near the 7-11 by Home Depot at Chiquita Boulevard and Veterans Parkway. Reports indicate that one person is believed to have been shot near that particular location.

Shockingly, there are two other active scenes in Cape Coral that are currently the subject of heavy police activity. These two locations include Cape Coral Parkway and Skyline, as well as Cape Coral Parkway and Chiquita. Reports indicate that there are currently several law enforcement vehicles in the area, as well as police talking to witnesses and a forensics truck on the scene. Reporters indicate that at least one of the witnesses talking to police appears to be injured. Other witnesses told reporters that multiple people were shot in the course of the evening’s events.

A separate witness told a reporter for Fox 4 that a police chase had taken place and that it had ended near Skyline and Cape Coral Parkway. That particular witness also confirms having heard approximately 30 gunshots in short succession. News reporters described the gunshots as rapid fire. According to that same witness, the driver that was involved in the police chase was also killed at the scene.

Members of the Cape Coral Police Department have yet to confirm how many people were wounded or killed in the incident. However, a news conference is scheduled for this evening and more information about the incident is expected at that time.

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According to Sgt. Dana Coston, a spokesperson for the Cape Coral Police Department, three people are dead as a result of Sunday’s shootings.

The gunman was shot and killed by police and had reportedly killed two other people mere minutes before police took him down. The shootings took place on busy roads and were described as “shocking” during a news conference.

The events began to unfold at around 5:45 p.m. when the gunman shot and killed a motorcyclist. Reporters confirmed having seen a bodybag next to a blue and white motorcycle, which was lying on its side, at Skyline and 26th Street. The suspect then approached the Circle K, where he shot a second person to death and injured a third. Witnesses reported that the gunman shot toward a group of people inside the store. The would-be shooting victims included a woman and her baby, along with several others. The gunman then exited the store and left the premises in his vehicle. Police were on the scene within four minutes and stopped the gunman’s car. The suspect resisted officers and was subsequently shot in the altercation.

The shooter has not yet been named and was said to have “violently” resisted officers when he was confronted in connection with the incident. Thankfully, no officers were injured.

Coston told reporters that the victims would not be identified during the press conference. He did confirm that additional details would be released to the public on Monday morning. Stay tuned to Inquistr as we bring you additional updates on this story.