‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Stevie J Responds To Joseline Hernandez Outburst, Finally Admits They Were Never Married

It’s no secret that things aren’t going so well for Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s most explosive couple have been on the rocks for some time now and after the recent digs both Stevie and Joseline took at each other, it looks like there is no coming back in that relationship.

The most recent LHHATL drama started when Joseline Hernandez started teasing on Twitter that she has dirt on Stevie J that she planned to bring out during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show. It looks like Joseline wants to keep the drama alive this year even though it is rumored that she has been banned from beating up any more of her co-stars, evidenced by the fact that she hasn’t laid hands on anyone this season.

The Puerto Rican Princess has plans to cause a major disruption at the Love & Hip HopAtlanta reunion by exposing Stevie J instead. Joseline Hernandez has threatened to tell the world something that will ruin Stevie and she’s hinted about what that might be pretty extensively on Twitter.

Just days ago, Joseline threatened to expose Stevie and alluded to the idea that he might be bisexual and watch gay porn. She even threatened to back it up with a lie detector test, which she may have already taken and posted receipts for along with her claims. On Sunday, Joseline tweeted again, hinting that she was going to tell Stevie J’s big secret and that she might not even wait for the reunion to do it.

Well, Stevie J definitely wasn’t taking any of Joseline’s threats sitting down. Instead, he decided to do a little exposing himself and cleared up whether or not he was ever married to Joseline. It turns out the answer to that question is no, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple was never married and it looks like they never will be. Stevie also felt that it was necessary to let everyone know that Joseline has sex for money. Listen to Stevie J tell it in the video below.

Stevie J confronted rumors started by Joseline Hernandez that he was so broke that he had no car, no money and not even a home. Well, it’s no secret that he’s been crashing with his baby mama Mimi Faust and he has a $1.1 million child support trial coming up in a few short months. Stevie says he’s not broke, though.

“Ma, I’m still getting more residuals off of any song I did in the ’90s than you’ll every get off any of those bum a** songs you’re doing…,” Stevie said regarding claims that he was so broke that he couldn’t even feed himself according to VH1. Stevie also continues to be one of the highest paid stars of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. If he wants any leniency in the upcoming child support trial in New York, Stevie may want to stop talking about how much he is making and how much he currently has.

Not to mention that Stevie J may have even more child support issues on his hands after Joseline spilled the beans to Mimi Faust that their shared ex may have fathered not one, but two more babies in the last few years and that he’s been keeping it all a secret this whole time.

With Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez split up and looking like they will never get back together, how will this affect their places on LHHATL? One thing is for sure, now that these reality stars have started spilling the dirt on each other, they aren’t about to stop. The drama is high right now for Stevie J and Joseline which means great things for VH1 and the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ratings. What fans can’t figure out right now is what gossip is more juicy, the fact that Joseline thinks Stevie J is bisexual or that they were never married in the first place. Tell us what you think of the newest LHHATL drama in the comments section below.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]