Thousands Of People Using YouTube To Make Six-Figure Incomes

Thousands of people from around the world are reportedly using YouTube videos to earn six-figure incomes. YouTube Partner Program head, Bing Chen, notes an increasing number of people are turning their daily lives into cold, hard cash. More YouTube viewers are becoming video creators than ever before. A simple click of the button by YouTube visitors is all yoga instructors, animal trainers or amateur comedians need to start generating an income via online videos.

Earning a nice living from simply creating YouTube videos is entirely possibly, if the videographer proves to be popular online. YouTube videos have become just a stepping stone for some creators, who have launched their own line of services or products after generating a following.

Cassey Ho launched her own line of products due to the popularity on the Pilates videos she published on her YouTube channel, “Blogilates,” according to the Daily Mail. Phan’s line of exercise includes clothing, mats, and bags, are regularly purchased by her 137,646 followers.

Even video creators who do not get attract a large enough audience to earn a six-figure income and quit their day jobs can still garner enough extra cash to enjoy a weekend away or pay down some bills.

“We have thousands of people, now, making six-figure incomes. It’s enough for them to create a sustainable business,” Bing Chen stated during an interview with ABC News.

To make money on YouTube, users have to be approved for monetization, which then allows the website to display ads on or around the video. YouTube videographers earn revenue on a per click basis through the Google AdSense program.