O.J. Simpson May Finally Confess To Murder Says Former Friend [Video]

O.J. Simpson, the former NFL athlete who was acquitted of the 1995 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman, may confess to their murders. At least that is what former police officer Ron Shipp says. Shipp was a friend of Simpson’s before the murders, but since then, their friendship faded away. Two years after he was found not guilty of the murders, a civil suit was brought against Simpson by the Brown and Goldman families and was found to be responsible for the murders. Simpson was ordered to pay both families a total of $33.5 million for “punitive and compensatory damages,” as reported by the New York Times in 1997.


The acquittal of O.J. led people to believe that O.J. had gotten away with murder, and that his money and celebrity status had a lot to do with the acquittal as well. When the civil trial showed him responsible, it made even more people believe that Simpson was guilty. Simpson is currently serving a 33-year sentence in a Nevada prison for an armed robbery at the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas. In 2007, Simpson and a group of men broke into the room of Bruce Fromong, a sports memorabilia dealer and drug dealer, and stole memorabilia that Simpson felt was rightfully his. Simpson was later arrested for the robbery and was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to prison. Simpson’s sentence gave him parole eligibility after nine years so he will be up for parole in October of next year.

If Simpson is paroled next year, Shipp believes that O.J. will “finally” confess to the 1995 slayings of Brown and Goldman. The NY Daily News reported that Shipp made the statement about Simpson three days ago. Shipp testified at O.J. Simpson’s trial that he and O.J. had been friends for about 26 years. The former police officer thinks that O.J., “the juice,” can “only exorcise his demons by coming clean.”

“The guy is in total torment today. Someone told me he is 300 pounds and he looks horrible. O.J. has always felt his appearance meant everything and now, deep down inside, he is starting to live with himself.”

Shipp believes that when Simpson is released from jail he will finally be able to reveal the truth.

“I hope that one day he actually will rid us of all the doubt and all the conspiracy theories and say ‘sorry I cannot go to prison (because of double jeopardy laws), but I am sorry I did it,” Shipp says and believes that is what Simpson will do.

“I do,” Shipp said. “I got a call about a conspiracy theory about Jason (Simpson’s son) being the killer and I thought, man, come on Juice, just say ‘my son didn’t do it.’ “


Shipp might have had mixed feelings about Simpson’s guilt back then, but he says he doesn’t now. He said that he “should have known,” but because of the love Shipp had for Simpson, he didn’t want to believe that Simpson could have committed the murders and that he “didn’t want to believe the things I saw.” As to allegations from Simpson’s attorneys back then that Shipp was only testifying to “get notoriety,” he told them that he was doing it “for his conscience and peace of mind.”

“I will not have the blood of Nicole on Ron Shipp. I can sleep at night, unlike a lot of others.”

A new series that is once again exploring the details of one of the country’s most sensational trials, O.J.: Made in America, will be premiering on ABC on Saturday, June 11 at 9 p.m. If you are not familiar with the case, this is your chance to hear about it.

Do you think O.J. is guilty, and will he ever confess to killing his ex-wife and Ron Goldman? Please share your thoughts below.

[Photo by Julie Jacobson-Pool/Getty Images]