Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Earns $6 Billion In One Day

Mark Zuckerberg earns $6 billion in one day. Vanity Fair underscores the one-day fortune of the Facebook founder who is undoubtedly the richest man in the entire history of the planet. Let’s reserve the adjective “greatest” for the beloved Muhammad Ali who passed away recently, but doing that will do nothing to denigrate or disparage the achievement of Zuckerberg. Here are Vanity Fair’s own words on Mark’s highest payday ever.

“One day this past January, Zuckerberg made $6 billion in the 24 hours following a particularly rosy Facebook quarterly earnings report. That’s $250 million an hour, $4,166,667 a minute, $69,444 a second. Median American household annual income was $53,657 at last count, meaning Zuckerberg made 29% more in a single second than a typical American family makes in an entire year.”

That’s hoping that you, the reader, can put a handle on such a staggering wealth statistic, and one which none of us will probably ever see of any other human being on the planet. Even Mark Zuckerberg himself could not have envisioned Facebook’s success as he struggled as a student at Harvard University, where Zuckerberg invented Facebook. Think student loans, competition from rich classmates, pee-on-your-chair exams, and those horrible term paper deadlines. Surely, Mark could not have thought that one day, it will all come to this as he struggled in 2004 to whip up the idea of a kind of web that today connects 1.65 billion humans, according to Zephoria.

Of course, the social media phenomenon that is Facebook is only secondary to the invention of the World Wide Web, which to Zuckerberg worked like a springboard to success. But the way that Mark has made money out of it will remain the greatest coup of the digital age. If there was one thing that Mark Zuckerberg knew during his Harvard days, it would have to be that traffic is the holy grail of the Internet.

An Inquisitr article describes how “Mark Zuckerberg earns more than anyone else on the planet.”

How would you feel if you earn $4.4 million every day or if you have a net worth of $52 billion? Surely, you wouldn’t mind sitting in your car in the midst of an awful traffic, knowing fully well that your earning meter keeps on going anyway. With Mark Zuckerberg’s success, we can forget about Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet. These names are history when compared side by side with the Facebook founder’s financial clout and success.

Freed from any kind of financial pressure such as mortgage payments, car insurance or even taxes — all chicken feed compared to how much he earns — Mark Zuckerberg can afford to dream of sending a daffodil-like nanobot to hunt for the Alpha Centauri, bring Internet access to people around the world who cannot afford it and think that love can conquer everything.


Celine Dion is well known around the world for her song, “The Power Of Love.” Her net worth is $280 million, while Justin Bieber’s is about $200 million. What are these figures compared to $52 billion?

And yet unlike Bieber, Mark Zuckerberg is hardly ever photographed in a fancy restaurant, boarding a personal jet plane or romancing up and coming starlets. From the looks of it, Mark seems ever faithful to his wife and his favorite hoodie, while often doting on his baby and his pet dog.

Anyone else put in the same position as Mark Zuckerberg would have gone berserk just contemplating his own brand of celebrity and his fortunes. But not Zuckerberg. He seems more grounded than ever.

Is it maybe because the Facebook founder knows who he has to thank for having the most exalted position in life? While Justin Bieber is still out looking for true love, Zuckerberg seems to have found his true love a long time ago. And perhaps, this is the secret for the trademark Zuckerberg groundedness and humility.


Or maybe, just maybe, Mark Zuckerberg knows fully well that without Facebook account holders, he is nothing. For while you and I are squandering our otherwise precious time hitting the “Like” button or searching for cute kitty pictures and videos, Mark Zuckerberg is passively increasing his net worth.

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