Malaysian Pizza Hut Commercial Serves Up Squirting Crust, Wedding Proposals [Video]

If the latest Malaysian Pizza Hut commercial is to be believed, all you need for a proper wedding proposal is an engagement ring and a pizza that oozes tangy sauce when you bite into it. According to Business Insider, that’s exactly the sort of campaign the company is using in Malaysia, a commercial that drips with the sort of faux sentimentality rarely encountered outside of the Lifetime Network.

The commercial employs the tried-and-true formula of a boy proposing marriage to his beautiful girlfriend over dinner. The girl, in a moment of overwhelming joy, accepts the ring and rushes off to share the moment with her family and friends. In order to put their own spin on the concept, Pizza Hut threw in a pie that purposely squirts cheese and sauce onto the poor soul who bites into it.

Anyone who has had their lips, tongue, and mouth seared by flaming hot pizza cheese may be understandably frightened by the company’s overseas offering. I, for one, would be seriously intimidated by the prospect of being assaulted by hot ooze, though this may have more to do with my own personal hang-ups than anything else.

Perhaps even more entertaining than squirting pizza crust and poorly-conceived wedding proposals is the print ad discovered by The Huffington Post. The advertisement, which is embedded below this article, depicts the sauce exploding from the crust with a fair amount of force. A frightening prospect, especially when the experience is followed by an engagement.

In addition to the sauce and cheese waiting to burst from the crust, you’ll also receive such ingredients as chicken chunks, chicken loaf, pineapples, and peppers. However, despite my misgivings about the pizza, it honestly sounds like something I’d try at least once.

Would you eat Pizza Hut’s Super Pan Pizza? Furthermore, would you accept a wedding proposal from someone while you were eating it?

Pizza Hut Malaysian Super Pan Pizza