‘Street Fighter V’: Ibuki Revealed As Next DLC Character To Be Released

Street Fighter V fans are excited to know that Ibuki, the young kunoichi (female ninja) from past Street Fighter titles, is the next character on the roster to be released. Unfortunately, such news doesn’t come without a few hiccups.

Eventhubs reports that the Ibuki character trailer was released on May 29, just days ago. Ibuki looks as promising as she did in previous games, and she has a few more tools to assist in giving her a unique approach to combat. The most noticeable aspect about Ibuki’s gameplay is her speed. As a ninja, she’s able to confuse opponents with evasive maneuvers and deceptive advances. In a game like Street Fighter V, this becomes important.


Unlike Ultra Street Fighter IV to a degree, Street Fighter V is heavily based around footsies. This means that a character’s normals — the attacks that are done by pressing a button — come into play more often than other mechanics or gimmicks. If the opponent is unable to tell which direction the attack is coming from, this makes it twice as difficult to block or defend. Ibuki can make great use of this, so players need to be wary.

Another tool in Ibuki’s arsenal appears to be the addition of bombs in Street Fighter V, giving her the ability to toss them onto the ground before her. As a projectile, this allows her to further confuse her foes and make them wary when defending. The bombs detonate after a certain amount of time, giving the young ninja room to approach as necessary. This is a new mechanic for Ibuki, as she lacked such an option in Ultra Street Fighter IV. She has retained her ability to throw kunai, and it looks as though she’s able to use them in stacks. All in all, players who primarily use Ibuki will have new tools to experiment with.

As was stated earlier, Ibuki’s character trailer was released on May 29. This appears to have left fans disgruntled, as Capcom previously stated that they would be releasing characters in a more timely manner. The fact that Ibuki was introduced at the end of the month means that they are off schedule, and players may not have access to Ibuki if tournaments feel that not enough time has passed since her release to the public.


In a report by Gematsu, Capcom apologized to its fans for Ibuki’s delay.

“We apologize to our players all over the globe for not communicating this change to our release schedule sooner,” Capcom stated. “While we planned to talk about the timing of her release this week, it’s clear that we should have been more upfront with everyone on the shift in timing.”

In addition to the apology, Capcom has stated that they will be much more “transparent” in letting fans and players know what to expect. One can only wonder if this will include the story mode that was said to be coming, as well as information regarding the other characters and when they will be revealed. Balrog, Urien, and Juri have all been confirmed for Street Fighter V. No details have been given on them as of yet, but Capcom seems aware that communication will be key moving forward.

Street Fighter V has received mixed reviews. Fans believe that the game is an unreleased product, and that an arcade mode should have been included. It appears that the focus of the game’s release was for tournament players, though a gradual inclusion of content and modes are in store.

How do you feel about the addition of Ibuki in Street Fighter V? Do you think that she’s a great addition to the roster, or do you think that she’s a waste of a character slot? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Image Via Capcom]