Game Over: Vans Releases New Nintendo Collection And It’s Every Gamer’s Dream

On June 3, Vans released their new Nintendo line, and honestly, it’s surprising it took so long for these two companies to team up. Nintendo and Vans are a match made in gamer heaven, and there’s no doubt this new line will be flying off the racks fast.

Taking from a lot of Nintendo’s classic ’90s games, fans will see the same old school Nintendo font on most of the items in the new line, and according to POPSUGAR, the collection will also feature the original 8-bit graphics from popular Nintendo games. Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Duck Hunt are just a few of the games included in the new collection.

And if you think this awesome new Vans collection would only include shoes, you are highly mistaken. Nintendo fans can grab shirts, tanks, socks, backpacks, and hats. You can pretty much wear a whole outfit just in Nintendo gear. Game on!

You could dress head to toe in Donkey Kong gear or cover yourself in Princess Peach paraphernalia, even down to your socks. There are simpler designs that just show the colorful mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. and more complex ones like the Nintendo SK8-Hi that shows various Super Mario Bros. characters. There’s simple Mario socks and hats, a Game Over! backpack in the classic font, Game Over! slide-ons, a Nintendo Mario Old Skool II Backpack, and so much more.

Game Over: Vans Teamed Up With Nintendo, Creating The Perfect Gaming Wear [Photo by Vans]What’s even cooler is on the bottom of some of the shoes, in the classic font gamers know and love, are the words, “Game over!” with each word on one shoe. Every part of this design was made with the classic gamer in mind, and fans are already clamoring to get their own pair.

Besides your favorite characters, you could also get shoes that display the old school gray Nintendo controllers as well. There’s so many different designs, colors, and styles in this new Vans collection that you’ll have plenty to choose from. And no matter what you choose, you’ll be a gamer in style.


The cost of the items in this new Vans collection is about the same for any of Vans’ other products. The shoes run from about $37-$75, tees are $28-$34.50, sweatshirts are $54.50-59.50, backpacks are $40, and hats are $24-$26. With so much awesome Nintendo swag, it’ll be hard to choose what’s perfect for you and what you should buy, but don’t take too much time trying to decide. These items will probably be flying off the shelves (and Internet) rather quickly. Plus, according to Engadget, a Vans spokesperson said the Nintendo line will only be on a sale for a limited time; therefore, you better get them while you can.

You can checkout the Vans online store to purchase your Nintendo swag or go into shops now and try on the new collection in person. Wherever you go, make sure to check out this new Vans collection. Filled with nostalgia and amazing designs, there’s a little bit of something for just about everyone. Whether you’ve been a hard core gamer since the ’90s or just love the Mario Bros., this new Vans collection will probably have something you’ll enjoy.

What do you think of the new Nintendo Vans collection? Do you think you’ll pick up something from the collection? Are you not that into Nintendo? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Vans]