Hamilton Claims Armstrong Provided Him With Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Lance Armstong has been someone that many people have looked up to over the years. His victory over testicular cancer and his multiple Tour de France wins have inspired people to never give up and “LiveStrong”. However, many people have started to doubt Armstrong’s character and are starting to believe the doping allegations against Armstrong.

Armstrong’s defense is starting to fall apart, especially since an old teammate of his recently admitted to recieving perfromance enhancing drugs from Armstrong. That teammate is Tyler Hamilton. Hamilton and Lance Armstrong used to ride together on the US Postal Service team.

NBC News reports, Tyler Hamilton says Lance Armstrong gave him an illegal blood booster at his house in before the 1999 Tour de France and that the two teammates compared notes on using performance-enhancing drugs as far back as 1998.

Hamilton makes his allegations in his new book The Secret Race. Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France, Doping, Cover-ups and Winning at All Costs, which is set to be published September 5.

Armstrong has denied the doping allegations for a long time but gave up the fight last week when he chose not to fight the drug charges made by the USADA. This resulted in the USADA erasing 14 years of Armstrongs competitive results including his seven Tour de France titles.

Hamilton not only admits to recieving PED’s from Armstrong, but he also states that he has seen Armstrong take illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

This is Hamilton’s interview in which he admits to witnessing Armstrong using performance-enhancing drugs.