'The Vet Life' Review With Spoilers: A Lighthearted, Family-Oriented New Series

The Vet Life is a new Animal Planet series that follows three close friends who also happen to work together. The first episode of The Vet Life, titled "Hello Houston," introduced viewers to the veterinarians, their families, and their new practice at the Cy-Fair animal hospital. The Vet Life is a series interlaced with several funny and lighthearted moments, but since this is a reality show, there is plenty of drama as well.

Just when things seem to be going well on The Vet Life, while Dr. Blue and Dr. Lavigne are examining a dog at the clinic, Dr. Blue receives a troubling phone call. He rushes out to get Dr. Lavigne, and informs him that Dr. Ross was in a serious car accident. At the hospital, the attending physician explains to Dr. Ross' wife and mother that he broke his hip socket. Although the surgery is lengthy, all goes well for The Vet Life doctor, but he still faces a long road to recovery.

The Vet Life doctors display a refreshing, real sense of camaraderie with one another and with each others' families. They enjoy each others company so much that every Sunday, all the families get together for dinner. According to the Alabama News Center, The Vet Life does a great job of capturing their home lives that includes their spouses, children, parents, in-laws, pets, and a large group of friends. Throw in a thriving vet practice on The Vet Life, and it's a good thing that these three close friends have each other to depend on when things get stressful.

Once Dr. Ross is home, the other wives get together and visit with his wife, Tauvia. They bring dinner with them and while they eat, she updates them on how he is doing. She also informs them that they have had to put their house hunting plans on hold. Since moving to Houston, they currently live with Dr. Ross' parents, and Tauvia is ready for her own home. Later, she goes shopping for a walker so Dr. Ross can get back on his feet.

With Dr. Ross out of commission, the other doctors are beginning to feel the stress of taking up the slack. When it's their turn to visit Dr. Ross, they rib him about coming back to work. As he gives them excuses, saying he doesn't want to rush things, they jokingly accuse him of milking the situation. As they say their good-byes, Dr. Blue tells him that he's just joking with him and that he loves him.

The Vet Life is definitely a family-friendly series that will leave everyone smiling. Did you watch the first episode? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The Vet Life airs on Saturday's at 10 p.m. ET on Animal Planet.

[Image via Cy-Fair Animal Hospital/Facebook]