Hurricane Isaac: ASPCA Has Boots On The Ground, Mounting Animal Rescue Efforts

Hurricane Isaac may be dying down, but the storm is leaving plenty of destruction in its wake. In response to the needs of the storm-torn Gulf Coast, animal protection agency ASPCA has announced that they are currently planning rescue operations for stranded and lost animals.

The ASPCA announced on their website today that they are hard at work preparing rescue efforts for the animals left imperiled by Hurricane Isaac. The official announcement on their website reads:

“As you know, exactly seven years after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Isaac is devastating Gulf Coast communities. Waist-high flooding has forced thousands to evacuate their homes, and as first responders work to rescue people stranded by the storm, the ASPCA is planning rescue operations for stranded and imperiled animals.”

The ASPCA reports that they are only in the beginning stages of their response, but they have already made great progress. Mainly, they have established a relationship with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team to plan and execute animal rescue. They are currently deploying responders to conduct door-to-door animal rescues in houses that are either flooded or abandoned and are assisting a Louisiana animal shelter facing flooding. They are supplying boats and other equipment for water rescue missions and have transported animals from a Mississippi shelter to make room for potential Isaac victims.

Donations can be made to assist the ASPCA with animal rescue and evacuation here.

“The ASPCA relies on the support of compassionate people like you to conduct rescues like this one and to assist animals facing other crises.”