Leah Messer Buys New Home, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Moves Away From Nosy Neighbors [Report]

Leah Messer has had it rough since Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 began airing earlier this year. Report after report has come out accusing her of neglect and other things, all of which have stemmed from footage shown on the MTV show. Messer has had her fair share of problems in her life, but has maintained that her children come first. From being married to Corey Simms after having twins with him to cheating on him and ending up divorced, Messer has made a slew of poor choices very publicly. Since then, she has been married one other time to Jeremy Calvert, which also ended in divorce but for different reasons than her first marriage.

Recently, Leah Messer was under fire for allegedly living in squalor. Photos of her garage surfaced, which caused a lot of criticism to be flung her way. Messer is adamant about the fact she doesn’t live like that, but neighbors who have spoken anonymously with various media outlets insist she does. According to All About the Tea, Leah Messer bought a home to get out of the neighborhood with the nosy neighbors. It has been a long-time coming for the Teen Mom 2 star, as she has rented for quite some time. Many of the other girls from the franchise have already purchased their own homes.

There have also been reports that Leah Messer was hiding her relationship with rumored boyfriend, T.R. Dues. The two have been linked together since last year, with information leaked that they lived together. During Season 7 of Teen Mom 2, Dues has not been seen. It is unclear if he chose not to be on film or if he just wasn’t around as much as people were reporting he was. The same neighbors who complained about the conditions in Messer’s garage reported that Dues had remained living with her, despite reports they had broken up. Messer has repeatedly said she is single, never actually admitting to being in a relationship with T.R. Dues or anyone else.

A new season of Teen Mom 2 is reportedly being filmed, and Leah Messer has opted to remain in the spotlight. There had been some assumptions she may not film another season after she lashed out about how the editing made her look. In fact, Messer was not the only Teen Mom 2 star to complain about the editing process, Jenelle Evans spoke publicly about things that were altered to change the way things appeared to viewers. The status of her youngest daughter, Adalynn, is still up in the air. Jeremy Calvert is her father, and he expressed the desire to leave the franchise and take his daughter with him. While it would not affect her living with Messer, it would affect the ability to film with her around.

With the season finale of Teen Mom 2 set to air tomorrow night, Leah Messer’s story is far from over. The show tapes so far in advance that much of the footage is months old. Things have already been sorted and worked through. Messer has been dealing with plenty since Season 7 began airing, including wild accusations of living in squalor and neglecting her children. The news about her buying a house has fans excited, but also a little weary. Messer has spoken out on social media about the affects the accusations have had on her life several times, and it may even be addressed when they air the reunion special that was taped just a few weeks ago.

No details have been given about where Leah Messer is planning to move, or where the house is that she has purchased. She has talked about it on social media, and assumptions have been made that a move in date will be sometime in July. Leah Messer is going to have a busy summer on her hands, and fans are hoping the cameras will be rolling.

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