Muhammad Ali’s Son: Biological Son In Poverty As Adopted Son Lives In Luxury?

Muhammad Ali’s only biological son, Chicago native, Muhammad Ali Jr. surfaced revealing a life of complete poverty to the New York Post.

“One time she could have given me his number. She would never let me get another picture of my father ever again, and I’ll never be seeing him again. I just don’t care anymore. But I’m the only son.”

Is Muhammad Ali Jr., “The Greatest” Secret of All?

Muhammad Ali has two sons (one adopted), the rest of his children were all female. Leading up to Muhammad Ali’s death, many family disputes have erupted, bringing widow, Yolanda “Lonnie” Williams and Rahman—Muhammad Ali’s younger brother and estranged son, Muhammad Ali Jr. to battle. Asaad Ali is continuing his father’s legacy by making a name for himself working as an assistant coach on the Ellsworth Community College baseball team.

Muhammad Ali Jr. says, Yolanda “Lonnie” Ali simply wanted the title of, “Mrs. Ali” and to control the late champ’s money. Muhammad Ali Jr. claims adopted son, Asaad received a home in Arizona, California, Kentucky and a farm in Michigan, according to the New York Post.

The below photo of Asaad Ali with father Muhammad was posted to Instagram by daughter, Hana.

Muhammad Ali Jr., like the great boxing legend, has no qualms on speaking out on injustices. Muhammad Ali’s two children are considered love-children, according to The Telegraph.

Muhammad Ali Jr. is seen here, pawning his father’s boxing robe and gloves for a measly $400!

The fractured familial bonds may leave behind an equally complex legacy which could shatter the memory of “The Greatest”— especially the life and struggle of Ali’s only biological son, Muhammad Ali Jr.

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Muhammad Ali in 1964 [Photo by Hulton Archive/ Getty Images]

Muhammad Ali Jr. Speaks Out On Living In Poverty

Muhammad Ali Jr., during an interview with the New York Post, lived in Englewood in Chicago, IL with his wife and children—living paycheck to paycheck. Muhammad Ali Jr. reveals his children had met the boxing legend once while in Phoenix.

According to the Telegraph, in 2006, Muhammad Ali sold 80 percent of the rights to his image for $50 million dollars. These rights included trademarks like, “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee,” “Thrilla In Manila,” and “Greatest Of All Time.” The rights to these likeness’ are currently owned by the same company who licenses the images of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

muhammad ali son Muhammad Ali, legendary boxer. [Photo by Joe Raedle/ Getty Images]“I’m looking at my own apartment, the showers don’t even run, the sinks don’t drain properly. Some of that money could have at least got me into a house, could have got my life back, given me a job, make some money for my family, given to his own grandkids.” According to the New York Post.

Muhammad Ali Jr. speaks out in the injustices regarding the huge gap in lifestyles between himself and his half siblings—saying he has to urinate in a jug and can barely keep the water on to wash his “a**.”

“I’m just trying to get some water to wash my a*** and need food stamps to get food for my kids. If I had some money, it would change things for me. But I’ll survive. The state my father is in, he can’t do a thing for me.”

Muhammad Ali Jr. continues to say he needs water and a home so he doesn’t feel homeless anymore. “The Greatest” son says he feels he could be kicked out of his apartment at any moment. Ali Jr. says he used to feel hurt, not having a father and its still not a “good feeling.” Ali Jr. says he feels as if he never had one.

“I blame myself the most, I didn’t listen to things when I really needed to do, didn’t do those certain things, now I’m hurting for it, it’s my own doing. But if my father had all the faculties, then he’d be right by side and give me whatever I need.”

“He’s always given for the children, but he always said: ‘I think this disease cursed me, because I did all these bad things in life, and now it’s cursing my children, as I wasn’t there for them all the time.’ I said: ‘No daddy, it’s the people around you who don’t give a damn.'”

Muhammad Ali Jr. continues to say his current widowed wife did not “care about the man.”

“…She just cares about the trappings, the man [Ali] just cares about his kids. That’s the only people who he really ever cared about, and they’re the only ones that cared about him. Outside of those people, no one. We love him as a human being.”

Muhammad Ali wife
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“That woman can’t love her own soul, so how can she love anyone herself? She was jealous of our relationships, and the fact she couldn’t have any children. She’s very bitter. Her mother pushed Lonnie onto my father, her mother used to be with my mother’s father for a long time, it was her long time ambition to be Mrs Ali.”

Muhammad Ali Jr. Reveals Motives Behind “The Greatest” Last Marriage

“I’m looking at all his money being spent. I’m looking at my own apartment, the water cut off, the showers don’t even run, the sinks don’t drain properly. Some of that money could have at least got me into a house, could have got my life back, given me a job, make some money for my family, given to his own grandkids.

“I’m living in a place where there’s shooting all the time. I’m just trying to get some water to wash my arse and need food stamps to get food for my kids. If I had some money, it would change things for me. But I’ll survive. Lonnie has never given me a damn dime.”

Muhammad Ali Jr. Claims Yolanda Ali Is A “Test From Allah”

Muhammad Ali Jr. told the New York Post, his father claimed, “Lonnie is a test from Allah” – because she’s not a believer, she doesn’t want to be a Muslim. I think Lonnie is evil and I believe she will cut me out of the Will. How can she care about children if she’s never had any of their own?”

yolanda lonnie ali Yolanda “Lonnie” Ali, widow of Muhammad Ali. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]Muhammad Ali Jr. says he would never be friends with Yolanda Ali. The New York Post reported, the son of “The Greatest” saying he would be respectful but would never respect Lonnie.

“You just got him on the tail end of the illness, you kicked a man when he was down. I would never get on with Lonnie…She cut off the ties with the family dead, it was instant, although she had to get the claws into the family first, then it was instant.”

“I know how it is not to be left anything. I would also like to let the world know that my fathers’ wife married him for money. She does not love him, because if she did, she would help out his kids in need, she wouldn’t let us go hungry and it’s just terrible how people do things. But that’s life. If you need to fight for something, fight for it while you can.”

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