‘Bachelorette’ Episode-By-Episode Rose Ceremony Elimination Spoilers Lead To JoJo’s Heartbreaking Season Finale

The Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher travels around the globe to find love this season. Amidst the romantic dates and over-the-top drama, host Chris Harrison has promised that the coming episodes will be filled with “man cry” and plenty of emotional goodbyes as JoJo continues to send guys home at each weekly rose ceremony.

Spoilers are already pointing to JoJo’s three frontrunners and her final pick, but many fans can’t wait to find out who she sends home on all of the upcoming episodes that lead to an emotional season finale that will end in heartbreak for one of JoJo’s guys.

Along with the air dates and travel locations, here’s a look ahead at the episode-by-episode rose ceremony eliminations for the entire season of the Bachelorette. Although the spoilers will clue fans in as to when each guy will go home, it’s important to tune in each week to watch the drama — and possibly a love story — unfold.

Episode 1 (Los Angeles, May 23): JoJo kicked off the season with 26 guys on the season premiere (see the full cast lineup here) and quickly eliminated six guys who she didn’t make a connection with — Jon Hamilton, Coley Knust, Sal DeJulio, Jake, Peter Medina, and Nick Sharp.

Episode 2 (Los Angeles, May 30): After her first round of group dates and a one-on-one date, JoJo eliminated Will Haduch, Brandon Howell, and Bachelor superfan James Spadafor.

Episode 3 (Los Angeles, June 6): The season’s raunchiest group date is the highlight of the third episode — 12 guys (and JoJo) tell their sex stories on stage. Three more men go home at the rose ceremony — Nick Benvenutti, Christian Bishop, and Ali Zahiri

Episode 4 (Pennsylvania, June 7): According to ABC, this episode will air on Tuesday night, airing back-to-back Bachelorette episodes this week. This episode will feature a two-on-one date with Chad and Alex that will end in some major man-fighting. Chad is eliminated on the two-on-one date and Daniel Maguire and James Fuertas go home at the rose ceremony.

Week 5 (Uruguay, June 20): Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes both get one-on-one dates this week; the remaining eight men go on a group date. It’s the end of the road for Grant Kemp, Vinny Venteria, and Evan Bass, who will be sent home at the rose ceremony.

Week 6 (Argentina, June 27): JoJo is down to eight men on this episode and according to Reality Steve, there will be another two-on-one date this week (Derek and Chase). Wells Adams will be eliminated at the rose ceremony; JoJo sends Derek home after the two-on-one date.

bachelor jojo's guy argentina JoJo’s guys in Argentina Week 6 [Image by @kelskevans Twitter]Week 7 (Argentina, July 11): JoJo eliminates two guys on this episode — James Taylor and Alex Woytkiw — leaving her with the final four men who will get hometown dates.

Week 8 (Hometown Dates, July 18): Spoilers point to JoJo traveling to Florida (Robby Hayes), Texas (Luke Pell), California (Jordan Rodgers), and Colorado (Chase McNary). Reality Steve recently made a change to his spoilers and now states that Luke, not Chase, was eliminated after hometowns.

Week 9 — Two-Night Special

(Overnight Dates in Thailand, July 25): This week features JoJo’s final dates with Jordan, Chase, and Robby. In an interview with People, JoJo says she was open to spending the night in the Fantasy Suite with her guys because it’s “a good time to have privacy and let whatever happens, happen.” If spoilers are correct, Chase is sent home after the overnight dates.

(Bachelorette: Men Tell All, July 26) Most, if not all, of the guys who were sent home throughout the season (except for the final two) will appear on this two-hour special to talk about their time on the show. There’s a good chance Chad — who was recently spotted headed to Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise — will spend the most time in the hot seat.

Week 10 (Season Finale and After The Final Rose special, August 1): Filming for the finale took place in Thailand with spoilers pointing to a heartbroken Robby getting rejected at the final rose ceremony and JoJo accepting Jordan’s proposal, an engagement that may be short-lived considering the negative stories circulating about Jordan. Chris Harrison will do his usual Q&A on the After the Final Rose special that will feature JoJo, her final pick, and her runner up.


One day after the season finale, the premiere of the third season of Bachelor in Paradise will air on ABC (August 2). It’s a must-see season for Bachelorette fans — several of the guys JoJo eliminated at the weekly rose ceremonies are expected to join this season’s villain, Chad and a slew of other former Bachelor/Bachelorette stars in Paradise this summer.

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