Woman Convicted Of Murdering Her Two Sons Before Dancing On Their Graves Is ‘Innocent,’ Her Family Claims

Texas mother Darlie Lynn Routier was convicted of stabbing two of her sons to death before turning the knife on herself so that she could claim an intruder killed her children. Routier was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death for stabbing her 6-year-old son Devon, and 5-year-old son Damon, to death, as her husband and infant son slept upstairs. The trial revealed that after stabbing her two young sons, Routier slashed her own neck and arm before claiming that an intruder had tried to kill them all.

The Daily Mail reports the mother of convicted murderer Darlie Lynn Routier is speaking out about her daughter’s “innocence.” Though Darlie was convicted of murdering her sons over 20 years ago, the woman’s mother, ex-husband, and friends all say that she is innocent and that she was telling the truth when she claimed intruders killed her sons and tried to kill her, too.

The death row inmate’s family and friends say that Darlie Lynn Routier was convicted of murder simply because she chose to grieve in a manner that the public did not understand. Shortly after the two boys were murdered and Routier was treated for her stab injuries, the young mother was filmed by a local news station “dancing” on her sons’ graves while spraying silly string in the air. The news station and public viewed the incident as a “celebration” of the boys’ death and claimed that it was evidence Routier was not upset with the passing of her children and that she was to blame.

However, Darlie’s mother, along with her ex-husband and friends, said the whole ordeal was misunderstood. Routier was allegedly at the grave spraying silly string with friends in honor of what would have been her son Devon’s 7th birthday. The mother was grieving the loss of her son by celebrating his life in the fashion he would have wanted should he had made it to see his birthday.

They question why the silly string footage was shown to jurors at least seven times before they went for deliberation and why the silly string was even considered in a capital murder trial, as it was a party supply, not a deadly weapon.

“They ended up deliberating on the Silly String. Silly String is not a lethal weapon.”

Darlie’s mother also pointed out that the news station did not film what transpired shortly before Devon’s graveside birthday celebration, which was a somber prayer for the boys. The family noted the cropped footage of Darlie seemingly “celebrating” her sons’ deaths was used too heavily, and that there were numerous things about the trial that didn’t add up.

One piece of evidence that supporters say has been overlooked is a bloody sock found in an alley some 75 yards from the murderer scene that had blood from both Devon and Damon on it. The supporters say that Darlie was bleeding inside and could not have run 75 yards outside of the home to drop the sock and return before the police arrived.

“Some argue that it would have been impossible for her to have stabbed herself, cut the window and had time to run barefoot down the alley – while leaving no blood trail of her own. But the defense insists that the case is closed.”

Those who say the “case is closed” note that there is plenty of evidence outside of the silly string footage to convict the mother beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the woman is rightfully on death row. The investigation revealed that the window of the home where the intruders allegedly entered was slashed from the inside, not the outside, and matched a kitchen knife found in the family’s home. They also claim that blood splatter patterns found on Darlie’s clothes show she was the attacker not the attacked. Finally, they note that a backyard motion sensor light was off when police arrived to the house despite being set to stay on for 17 minutes when motion is detected.

The police claim that Darlie reported the intruders “ran out the backdoor” just seven minutes before the police arrived, but the light was not on, indicating that it had been at least 17 minutes before anyone entered or exited that door. The prosecutors claim that Darlie seemed “unaffected” following the death of her boys and that nothing seemed to “add up” when they began investigating the intruder story.

What do you think about Darlie’s supporters, who are still standing up for her 20 years after the murder? Do you think the silly string footage could have tainted the jurors as Darlie’s mother suggests?

[Photo by Ron Heflin/AP Photo)