Hot Dog Princess: Little Girl Shows Up At Princess Party Dressed As A Hot Dog, Shows That Individualism Reigns Over Conformity

A little girl showed up to a princess party in her dance class dressed as a hot dog. The now viral sensation known as #HotDogPrincess has taken the internet by storm and shared that individualism reigns supreme over conformity.

The pressure of conformity begins at a very young age, as young girls and boys begin to explore who they are as a person and realize the differences in others. At that time, many tend to become self aware and congregate towards others that share the same interests and behaviors, while others adjust their own behaviors to fit into the groups in which they want to belong. However, one little girl didn’t want to blend in with the crowd at her dance class princess party — instead, she wanted to stand out and be seen.

That is just what Brandon Turner’s daughter did, according to New York Magazine, when she showed up to the party dressed up like a hot dog, instead of the traditional Disney princess flashy dress with bright colors.

Turner was not prepared for his daughter to become a viral sensation across social media, nor was he expecting so much praise on her behalf for becoming the Hot Dog Princess that so many people would come to admire. However, the response was overwhelming as posts of support for Turner’s daughter spread rampantly across social media, especially on Twitter.

Before anyone could start to attack Turner, he was sure to post that the Hot Dog Princess was completely his daughter’s idea and he simply went along with it to let her express her individualism.

Amazingly, when scrolling through Twitter under the search #HotDogPrincess, there is not one negative comment to be found. It seems that Turner’s little daughter has become the Internet’s supreme inspirational message for little girls and boys everywhere.

“No parent is ready to learn that their daughter is trending… #hotdogprincess Best part is it was all her idea!”

During the princess dance party, many of the girls dressed as traditional princesses were photographed bowing down to their Hot Dog Princess and showing her respect for being herself, rather than simply conforming in a manner that would have made her uncomfortable, according to Metro.

It is amazing that something as simple as a hot dog costume in a room full of princess dresses could become the viral sensation that spreads encouragement to those that have conformed to society’s norms and followed the crowd, while nervous to show their own individualism for fear of being rejected. Yet, the Hot Dog Princess has done just that; proving that anyone can be and do what they want to express their individualism and still stand out in a positive manner.

With the influx of attention on the Hot Dog Princess, there are sure to be a few negative comments that arise in the near future. However, while intermixed and hidden among so much positive encouragement, it is doubtful that the Hot Dog Princess will suffer an adverse reaction to anything negative that spills forth.

The Hot Dog Princess has become an inspirational figure for everyone that has a piece of themselves that they are afraid to let out and share with others. She has become a symbol of hope for anyone hiding behind a mask of conformity.

[Image via @TurnerBrandon/Twitter]