‘Wayward Pines’ Review With Spoilers: There’s No Going Back

The first season of Wayward Pines took viewers on a wild ride full of mysterious twists and turns. Once everything was revealed to the town’s residents and the Abbies (short for aberrations) came out of hibernation and attacked, almost everything was lost. Thanks to the actions of U.S. Secret Service agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon), the Abbies were thwarted and driven back. The second season picks up three years later, and two episodes in, the residents of Wayward Pines are still in danger from threats coming from both inside and outside the massive steel walls.

Although chaos and mayhem ensued, the First Generation took over and a leader emerged. According to Hypable, Jason Higgins (Tom Stevens) immediately enforced a type of martial law, and those who are against him quickly find out how he feels about anyone who violates the seven rules of Wayward Pines. He believes it is his duty to use any method necessary, including murder, to enforce the rules.

This is where Dr. Theo Yedlin (Jason Patric) enters the Wayward Pines picture for the second season. He awakens in Wayward Pines and is immediately in the middle of a civil war. Confused and not sure about what is going on, at first he believes Jason’s lie that he is in the middle of a government military exercise. What Jason really needs is for Yedlin to perform surgery on an injured Kate Hewson (Carla Gugino), so he can obtain information about the rebellion from her.

Dr. Yedlin manages to save her life, but Kate won’t play along with Jason, and refuses to answer his questions. Instead, she warns him that he needs to realize that everything and everyone is changing and evolving, except for him. Jason doesn’t like what she is saying to him and storms out of her hospital room. The conniving and manipulative Wayward Pines teacher, Megan Fisher (Hope Davis), later appears in Kate’s room and she’s in a wheelchair — apparently she was only severely injured and didn’t die during the Abbie invasion. She tries to inject something into Kate’s IV line, but Kate knocks her out of her wheelchair. Then, in a shocking turn of events, Kate tells her she doesn’t want to live in Megan’s world, and she cuts her own throat. Most viewers probably didn’t see that one coming.


Overall, the situation looks bleak, and Jason is desperate to return the town back to what serves as normal for Wayward Pines. Despite his best efforts, he can’t put the genie completely back in the bottle since everyone in Wayward Pines is now aware of their dire situation. The propaganda being broadcast across Wayward Pines is surreal, as residents are encouraged to carry on as though they weren’t the only humans left in the entire world, with electrified walls and mountains the only things standing between them and complete annihilation.

Jason promises the rebellion leaders amnesty and as soon as they turn themselves in — they are detained. Ethan Burke’s son, Ben (Charlie Tahan), is the leader of the group and Jason wants to be rid of him, but there’s a big problem. The first rule of Wayward Pines is that the young people of the First Generation cannot harm one another. TV Fanatic shared that Jason ends up sending Ben and Dr. Yedline outside the walls to get rid of them. This triggers an Abbie attack, and as they breach the top of the wall, one of the creatures attacks Jason’s love interest and confidante, Kerry (Kacey Rohl). Since Wayward Pines doesn’t have anyone skilled enough to save her, he sends his men out to retrieve the doctor.

The two men have it out when Yedlin demands to be told the truth, and of course he doesn’t believe Jason’s fantastic tale of cryogenic sleep and that thousands of years have passed. Yedlin agrees to help Kerry, mostly out of a sense of duty. Reluctantly, he becomes the town doctor after Kerry tells Jason that they need to keep him around. So for now, the doctor is safe and reunited with his wife, Rebecca (Nimrat Kaur).


Ben is still outside the walls, and when the it is time to harvest the much-needed food that was planted in better soil outside of Wayward Pines, he begs to be let back in. Everyone is too afraid of Jason to help him, and eventually Ben is attacked and killed by the Abbies. This could have serious repercussions for Jason — he should have heeded Kerry’s warning about leaving Ben outside of Wayward Pines.

For the moment, the people of Wayward Pines have food and for some reason, the Abbies seem to have disappeared. Previews for the next episode shows that things don’t stay calm for long in Wayward Pines. Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo), also known as Wayward Pines founder David Pilcher’s sister, returns, and she’s not too happy about how she was treated at the end of last season. The poor inhabitants of Wayward Pines haven’t seen anything yet with Nurse Pam on the loose and wanting revenge.

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