Clint Eastwood Confirmed As RNC Mystery Speaker

Tampa, FL – Well, the mystery is over. The mysterious “they who know” have officially confirmed to the major media outlets that Oscar-winning actor and director Clint Eastwood is indeed the RNC’s mystery speaker.

CNN and Fox News confirm that Eastwood will fill the much-debated and speculated “mystery speaker” spot at the Republican National Convention tonight, ahead of Marco Rubio’s introduction to the main event, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“It’s him,” Romney family friend Paul Gilbert reported of Eastwood’s appearance. “I can confirm that, 100 percent.”

Said Fox News:

“One Republican source told that Eastwood is indeed the mystery speaker, following an online report that claimed the actor is planning to travel to Tampa for the convention.”

Clint Eastwood has been among the top names circulating in the RNC rumor mill for some time, an,d though he’s probably one of the most eccentric possible choices, he’s also one of the smartest selections the GOP could have made. For one, Eastwood has respect and clout, and being a celebrity helps (many are vocally behind President Obama). For two, a “mystery speaker” needs to make an impact, and let’s just say “The Donald” wouldn’t have worked that way.

Eastwood, in case you don’t remember, lobbied for President Obama last time around. Anyone who “jumps ship” makes a good “mystery speaker” because they can stand on the dais and basically say, “Look nation. I was mistaken last time. But I’m still Clint Eastwood. And I’m going with this Romney guy.”

That has more impact than you might think. The only person who could be better or more unexpected than Eastwood would be Bill Clinton.