June 6, 2016
Selena Gomez Wows In 'Kill Em With Kindness' As Justin Bieber Channels Blonde Eminem On Instagram & Emoji [Video]

Justin Bieber and his off-again, on -again girlfriend Selena Gomez are dazzling their fans in two very different ways. While Selena just debuted a new video, it's time to say hello to Bieber as a platinum blonde, which has become the trendiest hair shade for spring, according to Refinery 29.

Taking to Instagram, Justin flaunted his dazzling blonde locks.

He decided to avoid long (or short) explanations for the hair shift, leaving his fans to figure out whether he was channeling his inner platinum blonde Eminem or feeling envious of Zac Efron (who also just apparently decided that blonds have more fun).

In addition to showing off his Blondes Have More Fun bliss, Justin encouraged fans to buy his new emoji app, Justmoji, by also pointing out to his Beliebers that they could see his new style and more with the purchase.

In addition to hyping his new app, Justin displayed a sense of humor in admitting that, yes, he changed his hair again.

"I changed my hair again," he commented.

As for the Eminem angle, VH1 pointed out that Bieber is going for a shade resembling Eminem back in the day (circa early 2000s).

Instagram followers were divided on the new look, with some loving the platinum blonde style.

"Omg ur hair," exclaimed one member of Team Bieber Platinum Power.

Others were unhappy.

"Change it back plz," pleaded a non-hair-shift Belieber.

Some compared Zac Efron to Bieber, seeking to set up a hairy "who wore it best" challenge.

And then there were those who felt that the credit for the bleached hair was missing.

"Justin Bieber didn't invent bleach blonde, guys. it was Marilyn Monroe," pointed out a Team Marilyn fan.

Justin Bieber gets mixed reactions to blonde hair.
Justin Bieber gets mixed reactions to blonde hair. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]In one of those odd coincidences that repeatedly happen with Justin's off-again-on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, the "Hands To Myself" singer just also channeled her inner blonde. Selena flaunted honey gold tresses on a break from her Revival World Tour, reported People.
A spokeswoman for Pantene, the 23-year-old singer flaunted her dazzling highlights and waves amid a photo shoot in New York City. Gomez showed off her sleek physique with not one but two dazzling dresses.

With a sequined Balmain mini-dress, Selena made a fashion statement that was trumped only by her other choice, a glamorous slip-dress by Nili Lotan. Sky-high gold heels and exquisitely long earrings completed her outfits.

Those fashion choices show why Gomez increasingly has been earning praise for her tour style, with comparisons to Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Add in the new hairdo, and this is a woman who's determined to prove she's in the big league when it comes to fashionable flair.

But Selena is more than her red-hot style: She's also all about the music. Gomez has been teasing her fans with her new Revival single, "Kill Em With Kindness," reported Idolator.

The singer first showed off the artwork and then debuted a teaser for the video to accompany the song. Selena once again flaunts her figure, but this time, the singer is garbed in lingerie. At a photography studio, the vision focuses on the lyrics rather than the background, just as with the "Good For You" video.

In "Kill Em With Kindness," Gomez describes how she dealt with those who were naysayers when she climbed up the ladder as a Disney Channel performer. And rather than killing (despite the title), the emphasis is on acts of kindness.

In the lyrics for her new song, Selena speaks to her fans about what she's gone through while urging for a different way to fight back. The lyrics repeat the refrain to "Kill Em With Kindness," according to Hollywood Life.

Selena Gomez has a new music video and a new adult flair.
Selena Gomez has a new music video and a new adult flair. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner]A sampling of the lyrics follows.
"Kill 'em with kindnessGo ahead, go ahead, go ahead now

Go ahead, go ahead nowGo ahead, go ahead now

Your lies are bulletsYour mouth's a gunNo war and angerWas ever wonPut out the fire before ignitingNext time you're fighting

Kill 'em with kindness."

The new video from Gomez debuts June 6 - watch below.
[Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]