New Dating Survey Reveals How Career Choices Influence Romance; Teachers More Likely To Date Firefighters

A new dating study generated by eHarmony delved into how career choices impact romance. Finding true love may not involve chemistry as much as folks would think, according to the dating survey. The eHarmony dating website maintains that searching for a life partner is based to a significant degree on what potential mates do for a living. The dating survey also notes that the most compatible couples were employed in entirely different careers.

Dating survey analysis found that female teachers were often most attracted to firemen. Unemployed men are most attracted to female personal trainers, according to dating survey results, republished by theDaily Mail.

Some critics of the high compatibility rating for men and women who are employed in different careers claim the spark tends to erode over time, according to the Daily Mail.

Is He Mr. Right? author, Mira Kirshenbaum, had this to say to about careers and relationships:

“The more different kinds of guys a woman will let herself get involved with, the more likely she is to find that great chemistry. That’s the only reliable predictor of a satisfying, long-lasting relationship.”

According to eHarmony, most people are seeking someone who does something different than themselves. The eHarmony dating survey found that male bankers are attracted to female teachers and doctors. The lowest compatibility career match-ups included retired men paired with nurses and administrative assistants, and artists and doctors paired with students. The eHarmony dating study claims to have been responsible for approximately 100,000 per year. Online dating has become the third most popular way for newlyweds to meet during the past five years, according to the eHarmony dating website.