Harvard University Investigating Possible Cheating Scandal

Cambridge, MA – Harvard University students are currently being investigated after officials discovered that they may have been cheating by sharing answers or plagiarizing on a final exam.

The class and the names of the students involved are being kept secret, but out of roughly 250 class members, possible cheating was discovered in over half of the take-home exams, reports MSNBC.

“These allegations, if proven, represent totally unacceptable behavior that betrays the trust upon which intellectual inquiry at Harvard depends,” President Drew Faust said.

Each student allegedly involved in the cheating scandal will be required to appear before a subcommittee of the Harvard College Administrative Board. University officials maintain that the students are still innocent until proven guilty, and that there’s no evidence of widespread cheating at Harvard University.

“The facts that are before us are that we have a problem in this one course,” said Jay M. Harris, dean of undergraduate Education. “I hope that doesn’t sound overly naive, I don’t want to be naive, but this is what we have. The rest would be speculation. Looking at the students we have and the work that they do, I would be loathe to say this is something that represents Harvard students generally.”

There currently isn’t any timeline for when the investigation will be over.

“We believe in due process for students and fairness,” said Harris. “Everyone wants it done yesterday, but we have to be patient. It’s going to take as long as it takes.”

More on the alleged Harvard University cheating scandal as it develops.