Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Headed For A Split — Inside Their Reported $400 Million Divorce

Perry Carpenter

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue to battle reports of a coming split. While fans wonder whether or not they can remain together, a divorce might cost them upwards of $400 million.

Celebuzz reports that it's only a matter of time before Jolie and Pitt announce their divorce. Apparently, Pitt is done arguing with Jolie about her eating habits, while Jolie isn't happy about Pitt's flirtations with Marion Cotillard.

According to International Business Times, an inside source told the OK! Magazine that Jolie is having serious health issues.

"She barely eats, she guzzles wine every night, and she smokes constantly," the source revealed. "[Jolie is] practically emaciated."

Because of her eating patterns, the source added that Jolie's emotions have not been kept under check. Instead, Jolie has experienced "terrible mood swings," and Pitt is "exhausted from spending so much energy trying to get her to take better care of herself."

At the same time, Pitt has not been able to escape the rumors that he is cheating on Jolie with his fellow cast member on Allied, Cotillard. While Jolie continues to drag Pitt down, the source went on to explain that Pitt has started to lean more and more on his sexy co-star.

Of course, none of the rumors surrounding Pitt and Jolie's marriage problems have been confirmed. Instead, Gossip Cop is reporting that the two stars are nowhere near a future breakup.

While rumors about Jolie's weight problems and Pitt's cheating continue to swirl, an insider told the outlet that there is "no truth" to the divorce rumors. The insider also revealed that Jolie is not suffering from an eating disorder, and that Pitt is still a faithful husband.

Meanwhile, according to Hollywood Life, this is not the first time Pitt and Jolie have gone through difficult challenges.

Apart from being there through Pitt's ruined marriage to Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie underwent a mastectomy a few years back. Furthermore, the couple share 6 children together, and have appeared more than content with their relationship.

However, if the latest rumors are true, then it appears as though Jolie's weight problems and Pitt's closeness with Cotillard are the final straws in their relationship.

Despite the rumors, a source told the outlet that Pitt and Jolie still love each other. Although they are struggling to get along, the love between them and the rest of their family is as strong as ever.

"It's sad because they do still really care about each other," the source shared. "But it's looking like the only way out of the jealousy and misery is a divorce."

Neither Jolie nor Pitt have addressed the latest round of rumors about their broken marriage. If the two really are having problems, fans will not likely get an official word until a divorce announcement is declared.

"I am looking forward to teaching and to learning from the students as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the United Nations," Jolie explained in an official statement.

Clearly, Jolie is still keeping plenty busy, despite the rumors of an impending divorce. Whether or not she and Pitt are able to work things is yet to be seen.

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