WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Fighting At UFC 200 May Be The Biggest Mistake Of His Entire Career

If UFC 200 couldn’t get any bigger than it was already, they totally topped it by announcing on UFC 199 last night that WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar will be returning to fight on the card next month. WWE fans will be happy that The Beast Incarnate is only returning for one night, where he will face an opponent yet to be determined. UFC claimed that will announce the opponent tomorrow, but Mark Hunt has been rumored.

How UFC made this all work out is something we may never know, but it is a massive deal that may have sold just about everyone on the UFC 200 card if they weren’t already going to buy it. It is clearly intriguing to see Brock Lesnar fight in the octagon once again. Few people will tell you that they don’t want to see what happens when he steps foot in there. It is also a big deal for Lesnar personally.

Keep in mind, he left the UFC after being the UFC Heavyweight Champion. He was one of the best fighters and biggest attractions UFC ever had, but a case of diverticulitis took down this beast of a man. He had the issues years before this and pretty much went through intestine problems off and on for years, he then managed to contract a big case of it yet again. It was so bad, he was hospitalized and he lost a significant amount of weight. Despite this, he returned to UFC as a shell of the man he was when he left to defend his title against Cain Velasquez to unify the heavyweight titles.

Mir lesnar [Image via UFC]He ended up losing. He then would face off with Alistair Overeem, where he would lose yet again. Overeem would be his last fight in the sport of MMA. It was around this time WWE rumors began, which ended up being true. In 2012, the night after WrestleMania 27, Brock Lesnar returned and took down John Cena, the man who managed to work his way to the top in Lesnar’s absence.

The rest is history for his WWE career. When his deal came up last year with WWE, he considered a return to UFC so much so that he was training for a fight as soon as possible, but decided to stay with the WWE where he had been treated very well. However, the thought of returning really ate away at him, because he no longer had the diverticulitis thing crippling his career. He was fighting with one hand tied behind his back. Imagine what all Lesnar could do now that he was able to fight fair. Nothing could hold him back.

That means a return to the UFC means something now more than ever, even though it is for one night only. However, there is a lot to consider here than just two men fighting in an octagon. Brock Lesnar has a career to consider as well here. We all know he has the God-given ability to move faster than most anyone at his size. He has strength for days and is still known as a badass wrestler who once was an NCAA Heavyweight Champion. He was also a former UFC Champ, so you have to consider all of this as a major check in the Lesnar column — but what if he loses?

Brock Lesnar UFC Champion [Image via UFC]What happens if Brock Lesnar goes back to UFC at UFC 200 and just gets destroyed? A loss after a hard-fought fight is one thing, but losing in a bad way is just not in the cards for Brock. If he loses at all, his return to the octagon would be soured and he’ll realize then and there that his MMA career is over. Not just this, but he’ll also lose the legitimate greatness of what he has done in the WWE as the people who once took him as a threat now see him as a beatable athlete. Before, we saw this Lesnar in the UFC, who took greatness to the limit and/or beat the greatness out of people.

He is the man who ended The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak. To fight fans, this means nothing, but to pro-wrestling fans, this means more than you could ever know. Lesnar cannot lose at UFC 200 because it would possibly destroy all that WWE has built him up as for the past 4 years. It took them some time to make Brock legit again, and it took Brock beating The Undertaker to market him as an unbeatable beast of a man. With a loss, all of this is destroyed. WWE cannot ignore the loss, either, as everyone will hear about it. You thought Ronda Rousey’s loss saw major controversy? Imagine a loss for Brock Lesnar.

Some fans will say Brock should just go into the octagon and win and none of this will be a problem. This is better said than done however. UFC President Dana White is not going to put him back in with some amazing former UFC Heavyweight Champion most likely, as he knows Brock won’t do as well after a 4-year layoff. He’ll put him in the octagon with someone he should beat, or at least has a good shot to beat, for that matter.

Cain Brock [Image via UFC]The “what if” scenario here is something to consider. It is obvious that this fight means a lot to Brock Lesnar, as he wants to prove to himself that he can still fight and do well. However, he is going to face off with a person who has made MMA their life for the last number of years while Brock was facing guys for pretend under entertainment circumstances. Yes, Brock is a former champion in the UFC, but that does not mean he can walk back in after four years and beat anyone UFC puts him up against. Do people want to see Lesnar beat whoever his UFC 200 opponent is? Of course they do.

WWE knows that they can market the heck out this fight and make Brock a bigger star than he already was. If he wins, he just solidifies in the real fight world that he is someone to fear. WWE could make him WWE World Champion again in a heartbeat and could put him in main events for years to come. What if he loses, though? If he does, this fight at UFC 200 could be the worst career move Brock Lesnar has ever made. There is a high risk/reward here. It could be a huge reward for his career that means more money and maybe a full UFC comeback when his WWE deal expires. A loss could derail the Lesnar marketing campaign that WWE has spent years on and even cost him money.

[Image via WWE]