Taylor Swift Celebrates Single Life By Crashing Fan’s Wedding & Performing: Watch Her Best Breakup Song Videos

Taylor Swift is single and ready to mingle. So what better way to prove it than by thrilling a fan with not just an appearance but a performance at his wedding? That’s just what Swift did to make dreams come true for a groom who happens to rank as one of her biggest fans, reported People.

Taylor Swift just thrilled a fan with a surprise performance at his wedding. Taylor Swift just thrilled a fan with a surprise performance at his wedding. [Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images for TAS]On Saturday night, Max Singer and Kenya Smith were happily cherishing their love when — surprise! — Taylor performed “Blank Space” in a rendition that she had secretly planned with Singer’s sister, Ali.

“So Taylor swift showed up to my cousins wedding… #Surprised,” wrote Gage Simmons with a video of Swift.


More than just #Surprised, the couple was ecstatic. The planning for the thrilling performance began in April, when Ali contacted Swift. She revealed how Max’s mother had passed away, but had seen him tie the knot with his wife in the hospital in order to include his mom in the occasion.

Before she died, Max’s mother danced with her son to Taylor’s “Blank Space.” Swift responded by staging the surprise performance at the subsequent ceremony, and those who had attended turned to Twitter to share their delight, along with photos.


Taylor even took time to create a handmade card for the lovebirds, celebrating their romance with the promise “So it’s gonna be forever.” The couple was married Saturday at the Brant Beach Yacht Club in Brant Beach, New Jersey.


But even as Swift celebrated the couple’s love, she was going through the heartbreak of her own recent split from Calvin Harris. The two broke up after dating for more than a year, according to Us Weekly‘s insiders.

“Taylor is doing OK now, but she was upset,” shared one insider.

“It just wasn’t working anymore,” confirmed another.

Taylor Swift used her split from John Mayer for inspiration for one of her famous breakup songs. Taylor Swift used her split from John Mayer for inspiration for one of her famous breakup songs. [Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]Fortunately for Swift, she has a backlog of breakup songs to see her through the emotional pain. (Of course, fans are already speculating whether she’ll write a new one in honor of her most recent split.)

In “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor was reportedly inspired by her ex-boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal. After dating in 2010, they split in 2011.

“I’m really gonna miss you picking fights / And me falling for it screaming that I’m right / And you would hide away and find your peace of mind / With some indie record that’s much cooler than mine,” sings Swift.

In “All Too Well,” Taylor mused about her relationship with Gyllenhaal again. The singer even spent a Thanksgiving holiday with him at his sister Maggie’s home.

“Left my scarf there at your sister’s house,” croons Swift about the scarf that the former lovebirds shared.

She saluted her romance with Taylor Lautner in “Back to December,” regretting her actions and trying to swallow her pride in the lyrics.

“I miss your tanned skin, your sweet smile / So good to me, so right,” wrote Swift. “But this is me swallowing my pride / Standing in front of you saying I’m sorry for that night.”

One of her most highly publicized relationships was with John Mayer. At the time, he was 31, while she was only 19. “Dear John” performed a direct hit on the heartache she blamed on him.

“I see it all now it was wrong / Don’t you think 19’s too young to be played by your dark, twisted games? / When I loved you so, I should’ve known.”

While some of her romances resulted in permanent splits, Taylor succeeded in transforming her breakup from Joe Jonas into a friendship. Swift also got “Forever & Always” out of the relationship.

“Did I say something way too honest? / Made you run and hide like a scared little boy?” questioned Taylor.

And when it comes to no-name-attached breakup anthems from Taylor, “Picture To Burn” wins as a country classic.

“As far as I’m concerned you’re just another picture to burn,” taunts Swift.

But when it comes to her split songs with a name attached, “I Knew You Were Trouble” is credited to the singer’s split from Harry Styles, according to a source cited by the Daily Mail.

Swift and Styles were a highly publicized couple until he allegedly cheated, leading Taylor to craft “I Knew You Were Trouble” about his betrayal.

“Taylor was crushed over Harry the first time they dated, and like she always does, she penned a song about him to deal with her broken heart,” revealed the source. ” ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ is one hundred percent about Harry. She knew he was young and popular with the ladies and wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, but somehow hoped she could make it work.”

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