WWE News: Bray Wyatt Posts Cryptic Tweet — Returning On ‘RAW’ Soon?

With Seth Rollins and John Cena back from the injured reserve, “The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt appears to be the next in line to return from an extended absence.

After weeks of rumors indicated Wyatt’s return is near, the leader of the Wyatt Family sent out a cryptic tweet on Saturday evening, indicating his return on RAW in less than two weeks. Wyatt has not been seen on WWE television since suffering a right calf injury at a live event in Milan, Italy, shortly after Wrestlemania 32.

As seen in the tweet, Wyatt makes reference to New Orleans. That will be the host city for RAW on June 13 at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. While there’s little indication as to what WWE’s plan for Wyatt upon his return are, he was seemingly in the midst of a face turn just before he was injured.

Since the injury, Wyatt has been active on Twitter, even having a fun exchange with former NXT World Heavyweight champion Finn Balor. The two competitors were jokingly discussing plans for Wrestlemania 33, culminating in a dream tag team match scenario.

In reality, there has been some frustration as to how Wyatt and his stable of bearded brawlers have been handled. Heading into Wrestlemania 32, the Wyatt Family were not advertised for a match. While they were involved in a segment with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and a returning John Cena — with Wyatt family member Erick Rowan losing to The Rock in the shortest Wrestlemania match ever — they still did not have a clear direction moving forward.

Wyatt addressed that uncertain path during an appearance on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast recently. While the Wyatt Family, when healthy made up of Wyatt, Rowan, Braun Strowman, and Luke Harper, is a popular act, the WWE does not seem to know how to utilize them.

“Like, I don’t think anyone expected us to be so complete. And they still don’t know how to use what we are.”

Before Wyatt morphed into his current gimmick, he made his WWE debut in late 2010 with a stable called the Nexus. At the time, Wyatt went by the name Husky Harris, a guy who had “an army tank with a Ferrari engine.”

However, that was short-lived as he was swiftly sent back down to WWE’s developmental system. During that demotion, Wyatt developed into his current act out of his real-life frustration. Looking back on the experience, Wyatt has talked down his stint as Husky Harris and that entire period of his career. In a unique way, Wyatt believes he needs to have obstacles to overcome, or his character would not thrive in its environment.

“I was thrown away like a piece of trash and instead of feeling sorry for myself, which is very like me to do, I would imagine, I got so angry and so frustrated at the world and the end has come to everything around me that, like, that’s where this all came from. And it’s almost like I need, I need these valleys, yeah, because they help me create.”

With the brand extension coming up soon — splitting up RAW and SmackDown and giving each brand a unique roster — the roster only gets deeper with Wyatt’s impending return. Much like the rest of his WWE tenure, Wyatt’s future is shrouded in uncertainty but it’s possible the exclusivity of being on one show helps him.

[Image via WWE]