Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: The Impact Divorce Will Have On Careers

There have been shocking details that have emerged from the drama between Johnny Depp and now-estranged wife Amber Heard. Heard has accused Depp of domestic violence on numerous occasions, and has recently claimed that the actor tried to suffocate her. Rumors of doctored texts by Heard to apparently manipulate the situation have been swirling, and the actress has filed for divorce from Depp. Amber has also recently filed a suit against comedian Doug Stanhope for his slanderous words in his column, claiming that Heard is blackmailing Depp, as CBC shares.

Seeing as the two are well-known and notable actors, the question, following the facts in the case, is how each will carry on and succeed in their entertainment careers following such unfortunate drama.

The question has brought forth a number of replies, mainly those with an adamant stance that Depp’s career will be hindered in no way. As People shares, veteran box office tracker Paul Dergarabedian shared that Johnny will continue to pull in stable support from movie-goers in his upcoming films.

“Johnny is a huge star, he’s a huge brand. This is not a good thing, but is this something that will dog his career forever? If history tells us anything, it’s very doubtful.”

Although additional Hollywood insiders are in agreement in regards to this fact, one in particular shares that he believes it won’t be as simple as just moving on and hoping that the passing of time will cause movie-goers to forget. The said insider shares his reasons for believing this.

“He’s going to need to do a big sit-down with someone and explain all of this. I know he doesn’t do big sit-downs, but this is serious. It can’t just get fixed on late-night shows. His biggest hits were family films.”

The publication relays that Depp’s latest film to hit theaters came in $20 million below what Disney had projected would be raked in within the first 4 days after opening. Alice Through the Looking Glass opened May 27, which was the same day Heard filed a restraining order against Depp. However, reportedly the numbers at the box office for sequels have been considerably lower this year.

Dergarabedian believes that by the time Depp’s next installment for one of his most notable roles in Pirates of the Caribbean hits theaters in 2017, the audience will have moved on from the drama and be back supporting the talented star. That is all, however, dependent on whether or not Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is entertaining and delivers.

“By that time it’ll probably have no discernible impact on [the film] – but it also depends on how all of this plays out. Not to diminish the seriousness of what’s being talked about, but generally these things have a pretty short shelf life.”

Johnny Depp has experienced a number of box office flops in recent years, yet rebounded with his portrayal of drug kingpin Whitey Bulger in 2015’s Black Mass The Pirates of the Caribbean films have been Depp’s safe place throughout the years, seeing as he has always impressed while in the character of Captain Jack Sparrow. Depp likely won’t disappoint in the latest installment.

Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp & Captain Hector Barbossa Geoffrey Rush
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— Disney Legends (@JohnnyDeppPOTC) May 23, 2016

As for Amber Heard, the 30-year-old actress has gotten a couple films under her belt that indicate she will continue to have a promising career. Heard, who starred in Magic Mike XXL and The Danish Girl, is still quite young and able to continue on in her career without the terrible circumstance between she and Depp impacting her relatively novice career.

As the expert reminds, in Hollywood it’s all about the bottom line and if the stars are still a draw at the box office, they’ll keep getting work.

“The bottom line: if the dollars make sense, then they’ll keep finding work.”

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