‘Liz And Dick’ Set Photos Show Lindsay Lohan As Cleopatra

There have been two responses to the new photos from the set of Liz and Dick. Wow, Lindsay Lohan looks amazing. And wow, Lindsay Lohan’s career is officially over.

Lifetime released three new images from the made-for-TV movie showing Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. The new images show Lohan in the back of a car having an emotional moment, dancing with Grant Bowler as Richard Burton, and dressed up as Cleopatra while she’s surrounded by shirtless men.

E! Online released the pictures with the title Lindsay Lohan Stuns As Elizabeth Taylor. Gawker, on the other hand, called the photos hilarious.

Lohan has been dealing with a slew of legal problems lately (she was accused of lying to the police over a car accident and stealing jewelry from a friend’s house) and she could really use a little career boost with a popular movie. Liz and Dick isn’t going to be a popular movie. But it could be good enough to make people take Lohan serious again.

Here are the stills from Lindsay Lohan’s new movie Liz and Dick.

lindsay lohan liz and dicklindsay lohan liz and dicklindsay lohan liz and dick

The new Lifetime movie will hit the small screen this Fall.

If Liz and Dick doesn’t give Lohan the career boost she needs the former A-lister has a few other projects in the works. She’ll be starring next to porn star James Deen in The Canyons and will have a role in Scary Movie 5.