‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: Some Big Character Deaths Could Be Ahead, Along With Major Revelation About Jon Snow’s Heritage

The Game of Thrones spoilers are pointing to a possible bloodbath ahead, with a number of major characters potentially getting killed in a stretch of episodes to come.

[Warning: Potential Game of Thrones spoilers lie ahead]

This season has already been quite an eventful one for fans of the HBO fantasy drama, with the long-awaited revelation about the fate of Jon Snow rivaling the “Who shot J.R.?” drama generated by Dallas in 1980. And there could be much more drama to come, with spoilers pointing toward big deaths and a revelation about Snow’s lineage.

Producers have already warned fans this this season of Game of Thrones would be a harrowing one. The show’s writer-producer, Bryan Cogman, told Entertainment Weekly even before the season that viewers would be in for a “very dark, very intense” experience in Season 6.

“There’s also a trend that began in season 5 and continues even more so in this season of worlds colliding, with characters meeting in hopefully very unexpected ways,” he said. “Seasons 2–4 were about the expansion of this world; seasons 5 and 6 are about contracting. Characters who were rivals, and in some cases enemies, are being forced to work together, which makes for a lot of juicy dramatic tension. And then there’s the obvious answer in terms of the size of the show.”

That could mean major characters dying within the season’s final stretch of episodes. Celeb Dirty Laundry shared a number of potential Game of Thrones spoilers, including Jon Snow finding out he is really the son of Lyanna Stark, not Ned Stark.

“There will be a battle for Winterfell and it gets ugly. The upshot is that Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) drags Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson) to the battlefield and tells Jon that his brother doesn’t have to die. Ramsay tells Rickon to run and he fires arrows as the boy runs to his brother.

” ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers indicate that Jon will run to try and save Rickon but the boy will be impaled by one of Ramsay’s arrows just before Jon can get to him and will die in his brother’s arms (who is actually his cousin based on Tower of Joy reveal).”

The report went on to add that the Game of Thrones finale will be “chock full” of character deaths, including child king Tommen Baratheon jumping out a window to take his life.

There are other signs that Game of Thrones could he headed for a bloody stretch of episodes, including a computer algorithm developed by researchers at the Technical University of Munich that predicts which character will be killed next. As the Express reported, the algorithm actually has a 74 percent success rate in guessing character deaths for both the show and the book series.

The first 10 episodes of this season will see a number of character deaths, the computer-generated Game of Thrones spoilers indicated.

“The super computer has predicted that villainous Ramsey Snow has a 64 percent chance of death, while manic Theon Greyjoy has a 74 percent chance of being killed off,” the report claimed. “However, it’s Tommen Baratheon who looks most likely to bite the dust – with a staggering 97 percent chance of death.”

“He’s closely followed by Stannis Baratheon and Daenerys Targeron [sic].”

Whatever happens with the Game of Thrones spoilers, fans will see the end in sight. HBO and showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have said they are planning for a seventh season followed by an eighth that will likely be the show’s final one, Entertainment Weekly reported.

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